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Letter from Jac – Thanking you, for so very much

Hello and thank you for your patience. It’s been a few weeks since I penned a Letter to you. I initially took a week off to recalibrate, and reconsider what I was creating with the Letters. The Letters are truly a massive undertaking. They don’t make any sense on a business level, and I know why my child’s school only sends out one newsletter a week. BUT I FREAKING LOVE THE daily prompts, I love writing them, engaging with you. And based on the feedback, you do too. Anyhoo, the spaciousness of which led to a tonne of ideas, and an insanely insightful survey (THANK YOU to everyone that submitted from the bottom of my heart!!) and all that morphed into a little three week hiatus. I missed writing the Letters, but also could feel that string pulling on my heart that I wanted to do it differently. I just needed some space to figure out what that looked like (which I will outline below!)

And in the thick of this philosophical/data driven deep dive into searching my soul and the work I put out in the world, the fact was also that I have been teaching Integrated Meditation, mentoring students from all over the world, hosting our beautiful Mind, Heart and Should Bootcamp (I cannot tell you how much I have been loving this 6 week program, but I could cry about how much) as well as parenting, partnering, friending, and family-ing. Life at the moment is full, abundant, full of potential, and that’s pretty much just the way I like it. It’s challenging though within this fullness at times to know what is REALLY cutting through and what is just noise. I get often confused by my love of things (recipes, memes, nature) and blurring the lines of ‘running a business and education portal’. But truly, I think this is part of the fun and why else would one work for oneself if one cannot make up the rules! Then change them for no rationale reason! And keep the ride wild! So, what does all this navel gazing mean for YOU!? 

So when it comes to connecting with you – I love Instagram, I hate Instagram, I’m confused by it, in awe of it. It’s baffling most of the time. The truth is, I want a proper connection with you. And popping into your mailbox is the way we have decided is the best fit. So Instagram will continue to have a few inspiring pieces, but our Letter Subscribers will get all the juicy goodness that takes that inspiration into integration. Plus gifts, recipes, playlists, inspiring shares, calls to action and more. And you’ll still have the option to shift to Weekly Only Letters where they’re all delivered in one email. If you haven’t already subscribed (as in someone forwarded you this or you want to change emails you can do that HERE

Also, we will be launching MINDFIT, our long anticipated beginners, mantra based program that will be On Demand Delivery very soon – this means you can begin your daily discipline of meditating with a mantra by learning at your own pace, at your own timings and at a very affordable rate. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, truly thank you for being a part of this process.

Jac x

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