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Letter from Jac – The art of slowing down to ramp up

I love this quote, for I really agree with the why settle for less BUT I would also highlight, the world is often working against us when it comes to being remarkable too. That’s what makes being remarkable so intensely challenging. For our conditioning in modern society is one of workaholics that are addicted to social media, and don’t prioritise their emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

In our current live program, Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp, we are working on understanding three speeds. Deep Relaxation is about disconnecting ourselves from our work, in order to nourish and give our brains and minds a deep rest. Deep Create isn’t creating per se, but planning, with discernment and diligence. It’s taking the time to review, to plan, to not get caught in constant activity and outcome, but plan in a creative, lateral and confident way. Then comes Deep Hustle! This is the speed in which we can really go for it. We are rested, we have a clear plan, and we get right into it. It’s a more fire like burn, energetic and productive. 

The problem in the modern world, is that Deep Hustle has become our constant single speed. Burn out and anxiety and fritzed minds and bodies are taking us down. And then on the other end of the spectrum, a lot of spirituality and self development is encouraging ONLY deep rest and relaxation. Acknowledging we are multi dimensional beings that need different moments for different levels of energy and input is vital. We need to refuel, we need to review and plan, and we need to execute. They can’t all be done simultaneously with any level of grace. 

So this week I ask you to have a look at the month ahead. Where in your life could you embrace this concept of three speeds? What speed are you currently dominant in? How can you be more lateral, more nourishing, encourage moments of deep rest, and then fully show up when you need to do your deeper work? How do you think you might feel, if you embraced this each week?

With love,

Jac x

And there are two interesting articles, one here by Seth Godin and here by Cal Newport.

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