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Letter from Jo – Bringing it Back

There is so much going on around us, our backyards, our communities, our countries and globally.
It is a lot. A lot to feel, a lot to take in, a lot to discern where our attention, our resources are
placed. It is very easy to tap into the vein of collective fear, anxiety, distress, sadness, frustration,
guilt and anger. Even as I write these words I can feel the tension present in the world. It can be
overwhelming and uncomfortable.

This massive wave of discomfort, compounded by all that is happening in our awareness, triggers
in me my need to react, to act immediately, to try and make it all right and at the same time there is
a feeling of helplessness under the enormity of it all. My stress response gets activated and I start to

When this happens, (or before this happens :)) I am learning to try to bring it back, bring it back to
me, back to what I am in control of and the work I need to do on myself to show up in this world as
the best me I can be.

I love this quote by Ram Dass, it helps to remind me to do just that and if I’m honest it gives me the
permission I need to do so when I need it the most. In getting real with myself, in aligning to my
integrity and my unique way of being I will be in service to the world. Not only that, I will be in
service to the world in the way I am meant to be. This may be in traditional or non-traditional ways,
it might not look the way I think it should and I need to know that’s okay.

Imagine if we all showed up as the best version of ourselves, our true selves, active, out in the
world, how magnificent would that be? I am going to try and do my part…


Jo x

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