May Meditation Course – Noosa – The Broad Place

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May Meditation Course – Noosa

Jacqui Lewis is travelling to Noosa, QLD in May to teach an intensive course in the art of Vedic Meditation.

This meditation technique is drawn from a technique over 5000 years old, that originated in India, and has been specifically developed for householders (that is people that live engaged and busy lives over those that choose a life of solitude or are reclusive). To learn meditation, you must first attend an introductory course, or discuss your needs with Jacqui personally. Then you may attend the course that runs for 4 consecutive sessions. The first is a one on one session of an hour, then there are three sessions that follow each 1.5 hours long.


This personal technique is easy and effortless once learnt with proper instruction. It can be done anywhere you can sit with your eyes closed, this includes in a chair, on a bus, train, in a park etc. The practice involves a 20 minute investment of your time twice a day, and each 20 minute meditation is the equivalent of a few hours rest, ensuring you gain more hours in the day, and engage more clearly with them.

This meditation course runs over four consecutive sessions. The first session is an hour long one on one and will be held on the Friday afternoon or evening. The Saturday sessions will be in a small group 9am – 1pm with a tea and cake break, and the Sunday session will be 9am – 10.30am.

SESSION 1 SUNDAY 18th MAY 3 – 4.30pm ‘Becoming Initiated As A Meditator’

SESSION 2 SUNDAY 18th MAY APRIL 5 – 7pm The Principles of Meditation; Tools and Technique

SESSION 3 MONDAY 19th 3 – 4.30pm Detoxing Mind And Body Of Stress, Tension and Fatigue

SESSION 4 MONDAY 19th MAY 5 – 6.30pm Integrating Meditation Into Your Life and The Five Levels of Consciousness

Once you complete the course, you will gain an all access pass that allows you to repeat the program, attend knowledge meetings and group meditations at no additional cost. You will also have free access to the International Network of Vedic Meditation Teachers, allowing the ability to gain ongoing support and guidance with your meditation practice in many cities throughout the world.


The course has a one-off fee that includes; the 4 session course of instruction, a one on one follow up for 60 minutes over Skype and regular free follow-up meetings and the opportunity to sit in on refresher courses.

MEDITATION COURSE Fee for Couples per person $950 MEDITATION COURSE Fee for Students $850
PRIVATE COURSE One on One $3300
CORPORATE OR GROUP COURSE For Five Or More per person $850

For further information, to reserve your place at a free introductory talk, or to ask any questions at all, please contact Jacqui Lewis on or 0414 998382.

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