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Meditation Or Meditative?

Lately I’ve found there is so much confusion around what meditation is, what makes it different to some other relaxation techniques and why we want to learn a effective style from a qualified teacher. So what is meditation?

Meditation is a word that has recently gained huge amounts of popularity and has become shrouded in mystery and confusion in the West. There are many different types of meditation and although all mediation is great, not all techniques are equal or gain the same results. Living in the modern world, we want our meditation to give the entire nervous system, mind and body relish deep rest and repair. Before learning, almost all of our students believe that due to thoughts they can not meditate. But our thoughts are like our breath or our hearts beating, they’re part of life. While ever we are alive, we will have thoughts and with the proper instruction anyone can be a successful meditator and gain all the benefits it has to offer!

I hear so often phrases such as “running is my meditation” or “I do yoga, is this the same as meditation?”. There is a difference between ‘meditative’ and ‘meditation’ and although activities that connect us to our body and calm the mind are fantastic and should be incorporated into a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it will not produce the same result as an effective technique of meditation. When we take time to practice daily we unlock all the unwanted negativity, stress and fatigue that is holding us back. We are actively making a choice that will lead to ongoing progressive change and bring us in reach of our personal optimum.

Research suggests that we have 80-90,000 thoughts a day. With Integrated Meditation we learn to transcend the thoughts, coming out of meditation having more and more gauge on what thoughts will move us beyond our limiting beliefs into a deeper experience of life and which are a construct of the ego, leading us into fear and shame. I like to think of guided mediations as tidying up the room that is our brain, where as Integrated Meditation is like a deep spring clean. Going in with elbow grease to wash away the deep rooted stress and tension.

If you’re a student of The Broad Place, and struggling to get back into your practice, need some inspiration or just want to touch base with the fundamentals of Vedic meditation, use your log in details to access our Online Enhanced Education Modules, in particular A Guide for the Meditator!! You can also resit the course for FREE anytime – Book in for your resit on the website calendar!

If you’re interested in learning with us check out our website for everything you need to know about the course and all the benefits!

Emily x

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