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Meeting Yourself

Rumi passed away 700 years ago and is still the best selling poet in America. His ecstasy filled complications of words, he apparently never penned himself but dictated whilst whirling in dance or in a meditative state. In the midst of his mentor and teacher being rumored to have been murdered by a jealous devotee of Rumi’s, he still penned of love, and joy, in and amongst the mix of all the human emotions. His poetry is poignant and rich and swells the heart.

It inspires deeply, of finding that place beyond it all. For me, this is our meditation practice of transcending the mind and all its worries and finding that place in the field of our souls, where the breeze is gentle and the earth rich.

We do this for 20 minutes twice a day, so that we can be reminded of something other than our tech-filled, thought-filled, bombarded worlds. So we can establish within ourselves a resilience that comes only from knowing one’s own soul, truly and deeply. From diving gently into the field of creative intelligence.

Point being, prioritise your practice. And if you don’t have a Vedic meditation practice, come learn with us here at The Broad Place or get in touch with us to find a teacher we would recommend near to you.

Sent with love,

Jac x 

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