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Melbourne in August


‘The Broad Place Half Day Retreats have been a highlight of my spiritual journey the past few years, and I look forward to attending whenever I can. They’re little mini getaways for my mind and soul where I can decompress, fall apart and come back together again. I always leave feeling lighter, brighter, with more clarity and alignment.  So many things make these retreats special – from Jac’s teachings and philosophies on life, the delicious and nurturing catering, and the collective supportive energy of other attendees who all have a story to share and contribution to make.  Jac pours so much love into each of her events and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for purpose and meaning’Hazel Ip

“An entire day of guided introspection by The Broad Place’s nourishing (in ALL the ways) ways it a treat in itself. The bonus is all the takehomes that stay impregnated in your brain. Some smack you in between the eyes then and there, others trickle down and others are there planted for you when you might need to access them later.  What a day of true nourishment in every sense of the word” – Megan Morton

‘Thank you so much for the incredible space and spirit to truly expand. You come and wave a wand with the right meaning and intentions around the wand to give us confidence to grow and be the self we wish to be. You are a Wizard Jacs. You make the thoughts feel actionable and real and with this we can make them more so. Thank you for being the Broad Place Wizard Jac’ – Tara Riddell

‘I’m in my 50’s ( just) and have family with two adult kids. I’m the CEO of one of Australia’s largest agribusinesses, which is an incredibly rewarding job that demands a huge amount of me. I travel frequently and need to work across multiple countries, time zones, and manage a business that has lots of people, a lot of animals and even more land. I was unsure about learning to meditate, but Jacqui expertly guided me through learning Integrated Meditation with such flexibility that I managed to fit in 20 minutes twice a day, or close to it, and to not feel guilty when I didn’t. The impact was immediate, and I felt more connected, calmer and mindful. I’ve been meditating when traveling, every day at work and anywhere I can fit it in essentially.

I have also been working with Jac one on one and have found her guidance through Mentoring to be a gamechanger for me. As a leader and a person, she has helped me create the time and space to reflect and approach everything I do intentionally and with more empathy and presence. I would highly recommend learning Integrated Meditation and The Broad Place to anyone that wants to not just work at their peak performance but also be a kinder, more creative, compassionate person’. Hugh Killen, Australia

Jacqui is very much looking forward to coming to Melbourne to teach an Integrated Meditation Course and a Special Half Day Retreat, cocooning students in philosophy, wisdom and practical tools to see 2023 go as smoothly and expansively as possible. Places are limited, so please reach out with any questions and Jacqui is also available for a phone call to see if these sessions are right for you at this time on your path. Contact me for any questions.

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This course offers you a meditation practice that can engage and inspire for a lifetime. This technique is the solution for people that find meditating challenging and struggle to ‘focus’ or don’t enjoy meditating. It’s a very unique technique that is the medicine for modern minds! We have translated ancient wisdom into a modern understanding to create a course that leaves behind outdated ideas and values, focusing in on tools that are relevant and adaptable for modern lives.

Derived from the art of transcendence, Integrated Meditation provides you with the opportunity to dive deep into meditation to allow for greater clarity, creativity and consciousness within yourself and your life. This course will empower you to be able to lessen the stress, anxiety and exhaustion of modern living and in the process elevate your creativity, resilience and clarity. In three cohesive sessions you will learn your personal mantra, the sound you will meditate silently in your mind with, as well as all the structure around meditation, a little history, and a large focus on your building your own empowered and flexible practice of 10-20 minutes once to twice a day. You don’t need silence to meditate with this technique or to sit like a pretzel and you will be taught how to comfortably meditate with back support anywhere. You can read more about Integrated Meditation HERE.

You are welcome to join us at our Integrated Meditation Online Live Information Session on Thurs 17th August from 5 pm – 5:45 pm AEST. Kindly make sure to RSVP HERE to receive the Zoom link.

The course also includes ongoing follow up and support and access to our large library online of talks, tips, and additional video and audio tuition. 

Places are limited so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. We also have online courses and private courses you can attend. PLEASE NOTE Jac is more than happy to have a phone or video call with you to talk through the course prior to your signing up, so you can make sure it’s the right fit for you. 

Simply email to set that up.

Session 1 – Thursday, August 24th, 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Session 2 – Friday, August 25th, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Session 3 – Saturday, August 26th, 2:00 – 4:30 pm

Melbourne: exact location to be confirmed soon

$1200 incl GST per person10% discount to friends of students that have learnt IM with us already 
10% discount for two friends or couples learning together 
20% discount for full-time students
40% discount for full-time single parents 


Please note on enrolling we will send you an information pack on how to prepare and help answer any questions prior to your starting. 


Half Day Retreats are a way for you to step out of your life, and immerse yourself in curiosity, clarity and knowledge. 

Jac will work with you on philosophy, tools and techniques alongside a beautiful guided meditation experience so that you leave not just feeling refreshed and inspired, but armed with implementable tools that will carry the transformation on and help you in daily life.

You will work on 
– identifying and aligning to your personal codes (a more integrated approach to Values)
– the pillars of making empowered decisions with clarity 
– how to honour your nervous system and understand your own personal ebbs and flows and ensure you get enough rest, and experience the right kind of energy
– how to move through life more deeply from your heart

Tea and snacks will be provided as well as Worksheets in this Half Day Retreat. 

Sunday, August 27th, 9:00am – 1:00 pm AEST


Melbourne; Exact location to be confirmed soon

$330 incl GST


Get a 50% off the Half Day Retreat if you do both the Integrated Meditation Course and the Retreat!

Simply email to set that up.