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No BS Gratitude

Gratitude is a buzz word right now and almost everyone in one way or another has had some involvement with practices around it. Gratitude however is far more than a trend, or a hashtag. Gratitude, simply put is a concept that can increase emotional, personal, social and physical health. And like anything, when practiced regularly will do the job of overriding the old programs and outdated patterns and beliefs we have running.

Like attracts like. We know this as part of the the laws of nature. So, more gratitude allows us to experience more gratitude. Positive affirmation makes us feel more positive. Positive, healthy feels, make our experiences, interactions and circumstances more positive. Sound good?

Now let’s keep realistic. I think this is one of the reasons people are scared of gratitude or anything that sits alongside it as they feel ‘well I’m never going to be grateful for bad stuff, and I don’t want to be inauthentic”. We don’t want you to fake and full of B.S either. We are not interested in walking around pretending to be so grateful for the guy who ran up the back of our car in traffic, or to deal with the sad news of a loved one with fake cheeriness.

What we are teaching here is resilient ways in which we can create a solid foundation within ourselves to experience what life has to offer us. There’s a great saying ‘life isn’t what happens TO us, its what happens FOR us’. As in absolutely everything is a learning experience, an opportunity for understanding ourselves better, to grow, be more creative and more conscious. This foundation will help us to not be totally consumed and overcome when the challenges that can arise are on our door step. We have way to broaden our perspective and maintain gratitude for what is good, what can serve as a lesson and what will be our means to reconnect when overwhelm is present. Cultivating gratitude isn’t only for the tough times though, it is a daily intention to live the best life possible.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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