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Oil Pulling


I like to experiment with things from time to time, explore the ways in which I can be healthier, more vibrant, feel more alive. No one is spared in our house though, and my husband and daughter get pulled into the new fad often. Arran likens a shot of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning to being punched in the chest, Marley refuses to do it at all after watching Arran’s reactions. The green smoothies don’t go down so well, Marley asking once if there were bones in it (I had taken a lot of coconut shell out with the flesh that one time). So generally they flag after awhile, and I continue what serves me.

My latest is oil pulling. Now I have read many books on Ayurveda, and none have ever mentioned oil pulling, but the current majority of thinking online seems to be that it is Ayurvedic by nature.

I’ve listed the benefits below. The one thing I have found in the short time I have been doing it is my oral hygiene is so much better, and my skin is also more radiant. It’s a pretty gross experience at first. You take a large table spoon of organic coconut oil (melted) and swish and swill it around your mouth for 15-20 minutes. I do it while I check emails early in the morning, and water the garden. The important things are you have to spit the coconut oil afterwards into a bin, NOT the sink, as it’s quite toxic afterwards. And brush your teeth immediately, and I also tongue scrape. Then really swirl your mouth out with salty water (I use Himalayan Sea Salt). If you get stuck 1o mins in, don’t worry about not going the whole distance. And if you have a sneezing fit 5 mins in, (I have) then just start afresh with new oil and keep going.

Benefits include

– Said to reduce eadaches, bronchitis, thrombosis, chronic blood disorders, arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, eczema, stomach ulcers, chronic intestinal diseases, heart and Nierenbe complaints, gynecological illnesses, neurological diseases and liver diseases

– reduces bad breath and bleeding gums and sensitive teeth

– reduces sinus congestion

– reduces allergies

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