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Olive Oil Crispy Fried Egg on Rice

This is such a simple and delicious breakfast that we frequently have as a supper late in the evenings if working until late. Some of the ingredients are from our recipe Nourishing Mushroom Broth With Brown Rice, so I’ll provide substitutes if you haven’t made this dish the night before! I am such a huge fan of minimizing my time in the kitchen and thinking ahead to future meals so I can spend more time in the garden with my daughter. So as much as I can I try highlight the ease in which you can make multiple beautiful dishes.

Makes a tasty small breakfast for 4 people or large for 2-3 people.

Cut the stalks off a bunch of brocolini, and cut into little rounds reserving the tops. Cut a zucchini in half, and dice in small pieces. Then saute this in olive oil in a fry pan. If you reserved the shiitake mushrooms and garlic from last nights recipe Nourishing Mushroom Broth With Brown Rice then add now, otherwise simply add a few cloves of crushed garlic. Add the leafy parts of the broccolini and sliced oyster mushrooms.

Add in a cup cooked brown basmati rice and stir on high heat, and then dashes of soy sauce to taste.

In a separate fry pan add olive oil and bring to a high heat, cracking an organic egg per person.

Load all the rice and vegetables into a bowl, top with the fried egg, and sprinkle on gomasio (or sesame seeds and a sprinkle of sea salt if you don’t have gomasio on hand).

Note; Gomasio is an incredible Japanese condiment, that I add to pretty much most meals. It strengthens digestion, purifies the blood and increases energy. Heat 10 tablespoons of sesame seeds with 1 tablespoon of sea salt in a frying pan, and toast on medium heat for about 6-7 minutes, until browned. Pop into a large mortar and pestle and grind. Then store in a jar. Lasts not too long, the fresher the better! I’ve kept mine up to a month at times.

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