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Our Personal Evolution; How To Aid It Not Hinder It

Nature is constantly trying to support us through its single endeavour, for us to evolve. Evolution is the core focus of nature, at all times. There’s nothing else actually going on. It’s all evolution.

Stress, tension and anxiety occur only when we resist nature’s evolution. How many times have you looked back into the past and on pondering realised that actually, that thing you got nervous about, the event you lost sleep over, the situation you fretted over, was actually part of a greater plan to get you to where you are now. When we analyse this, it’s amazing in fact that we worry about anything at all, as in hindsight, we can see that evolution is always taking place. So why do we constantly forget this?

We don’t want to be a big bag of neediness, constantly badgering nature with whinging and whining about what we ‘need’. We come armed with a set of preferences and some strategies and then we work with nature, not against it. When our preference isn’t met, we look to nature as to what’s next, we shift the plan, and gently re-align our strategies and we get on with it. We don’t fall in a huge heap and chuck a shit fit. We can’t be bewildered by nature if we accept it.

The key for aiding our own evolution, and living in nature’s flow and not with friction is to work with nature, not against it. Let nature take on a parental role. Be guided by what’s actually happening, over second guessing everything. This could framed up as following our instinct and following charm.

So how do we work with nature?  How do we aid our evolution?

1. Practice meditation. I teach and personally practice Vedic Meditation as it’s the fastest way to dip into pure consciousness and get into nature’s slipstream and have nature best take care of you.

2. Let nature take on a parental role. Imagine you’re a parent and you have two children. One is constantly whining about WHY something has happened or hasn’t happened. This ensures one thing! They get banished from sight into their rooms aka nature gets bored and ignores them. That is the last thing we want. We want natures support, and so we must ensure we are graceful and elegant and mature in our interactions. If we are understanding and accepting, then nature will be far more gentle with us. We want to be the one that nature is compassionate with, the one nature always has time for. The one that is heard. This is the key way in which to get nature to listen, and to be heard, and to achieve what we desire most.



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