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Our Tuning Forks

I am fascinated by the Mind Body Connection. So much so that within our Integrated Meditation Enhanced Education Program we dedicated an entire module to this very subject. The constant and hyper detailed shimmers that occur throughout our cells with every thought. The thoughts generated by our bodies, frequently not based in reality but simply as a winding out of stresses from the body that agitates the mind.

I’m concerned at times with the modern yoga scenes lack of intellectual or philosophical understanding and pushing only the physical. Same for meditation which can become an intellectual pursuit wrapped up in so much nonsense that it loses the body as the primary holder of our experiences.

The part I’m most intrigued by though is the very simple little signals from our bodies, that we ignore. We choose to favour the rational mind, or to allow our ego’s to govern us instead of our animal instincts. And at our own peril.

We need to navigate a middle path. One that takes both into consideration. When push comes to shove though, I’ll always lean into my bodies signals over my minds apparent signals, as that’s where intuition, heart and the gut really talk to us…

Sent with love,

Jac x 

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