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Mothers Mind Cleanse Book


We are now stocked in multiple bookstores across Australia, and The Book Room have the full collection and lots of stock, so here is your link to order!

The Mothers Mind Cleanse is a guide for the modern mum.

With philosophy and tools to think with more clarity, to live better, and to feel more fulfilled, the Mothers Mind Cleanse cuts through all the noise and aids in calm and thoughtful ways in which to be a brilliant mother. Parenting has never been easy, and in today’s modern, frenetic world with contrasting opinions and ways to ‘better parent’ colliding, the time for such a guide is now. Author Jacqui Lewis believes we each have the potential to cut through the swathe of guilt, nerves, opinions and turmoil and not only cope day to day but accelerate our own personal growth.

“Infused with Jacqui Lewis’ warm style, The Mother’s Mind Cleanse, is filled with practical insights into heartfelt and peaceful parenting. It is clear, simple and full of wisdom. A perfect companion for every mother”. – Dominika