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Q. What Will The Future Look Like?

A. The Best Parts Of The Present

I read this moving article over the weekend. My little brother is seriously disabled, and I am well aware of the challenges that families raising children with physical and mental challenges face. It’s ongoing, brutal and beyond anything you think you have the capacity for. This article about raising an autistic child, took my breath was taken away at the mothers inspired attitude. At the challenges they face, and the ways in which they tackle it daily. And this very last sentence she penned has stuck with me; ‘your future should look like the best parts of your present’. It’s what I am constantly teaching our students about. That happiness must lie in the present. That joy must be claimed and made space for. That meditation and doing the small thing s one loves is not selfish and indulgent, but a thread that stitches together our days and quilts it into our lives.

So I encourage you to this week to see deeply into what a gift your life is, and to claim it in the fullness that it can be. If you need some assistance, I have written a Be Your Best Self Program that is a week long, our students have loved it and have learnt so much from it. You can access it here, and there’s a special 40% discount code for you as our reader, valid for the next 7 days (CODE: BYBS40) that you can enter at the end to process to help you on your way. Let me know how you like it and what you got out of it, nothing delights me more than hearing about your success in transforming your days.

 …in the end, success won’t be measured by academic performance or job placement. It will have more to do with accumulating small pleasures and filling your life with those. I don’t know why it never occurred to me: Your future should look like the best parts of your present” Cammie McGovern.


Jac x

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