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Only A Rat Can Win The Rat Race

This incredible saying was spoken to me by Mary, over breakfast in LA today. We were discussing the ‘fight’ that appears to be in everyone here in LA, which I said currently reflected Australia. The get it at all costs approach. The lack of integrity and honesty that is often encouraged in the fight to the supposed top.

I am asking frequently about a brand or business to hear awful stories about a lack integrity but mastery of social media and the art of illusion. Businesses copying others, literally lifting ideas with no alteration. Friendships dissolving over truths being hidden in tactics, through fiercely competitive attitudes.

 We are in an interesting time of that there is no doubt. With so much information available to us in a global economy and anything is possible story being constantly told, we are often overwhelmed and confused. We are fed a story that we must win at all costs and are being scaled on our success in a number of weird methods.

 The rat race is a figment of our imagination, and a world we create that is simply an illusion. In the Vedic view, life is not meant to be a fight and there is no top we should arrive at, no final destination.  Living each day as a process to better understand ourselves is why we are here. Clearing out the stuff that is blocking us and connecting with the underlying truth in everything is our purpose. Understanding that if the process in ‘getting ahead’ isn’t enjoyable, doesn’t keep us in flow, isn’t creative and inspiring there is no point to the ‘race’ in the first place. 

 It’s important that we remind ourselves daily that taking the time to be present, be of service and connect to the most authentic truths within ourselves keeps us grounded in these turbulent times. I have found that a practice of Vedic meditation achieves this with more grace than any other tool. The connection in each sitting to our purest selves, helps us bring this with us into each day, so make sure you prioritise your practice.

 Jac x

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