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Right Here, Right Now

‘Be The Change You Want To See In The World’ Ghandi

We need to make change right now, not tomorrow, not on a list, not as a spoken word to a friend, not as an unfulfilled wish or promise, to live in the present. We need to ask the pertinent question, do I as an individual, as part of the indivisible whole, have more yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. Who is to know? Certainly no one, certainly not I. And the second part to this questions, is that of what I am doing with these days, RIGHT NOW. What am I experiencing versus what do I want to be experiencing? If I only had one day left what would I do with every minute? Do I want to be experiencing bliss or anxiety. Wholeness or a division. Love or hate. Do I want to be saying ‘well it only took me 50 days to win that argument, but ha, I won!’? We need to be analysing what is truly important, to ourselves, right here, right now.

Who do you want to be? Decide and act now. We are cultivating ourselves at every moment of every day. Forgetfulness is a lapse of awareness; a gift of our divine self that is managing our knowledge base. But if we know it, and are aware of it, but we choose to ignore it, then that is an intentional act of ignorance. And the universe punishes us dearly for acts of intentional ignorance. We need to place our attention on that that we wish to see improved and act immediately.

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