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Selective Feedback

This is such a huge topic that I might visit it a few times more!!To begin with, ensuring we only take feedback from those who count, is imperative to our growth, our sanity and our creativity. Seeking out the advice of mentors, of friends, of colleagues, who are living examples of the qualities we would like to embrace, I feel is as vital as scrapping the rest of the feedback.

If someone is not ‘in the arena’, necks on the line, fully experiencing what life has to offer, do you need their feedback? Note I said ‘need’ not ‘want’, as people love to give unrequested feedback!! If you wish to be vulnerable, dynamic and completely authentic, do you need to invite in the opinions of someone dominated by their ego? If you want to be a fully present, conscious parent, do you really need advice from a social media driven, negative, helicopter parent?

If at work you want to be brave, inspired and challenged, why take on the feedback of the wolves and vultures in your workplace?If you hope to be a kind, compassionate friend who also understands parameters and boundaries, is trusting and truthful, do you really need the advice of someone who is the opposite?

However, we frequently take on what doesn’t count. We take to heart the advice of people that we shouldn’t, when they’re not living example of what we would like to cultivate more of for ourselves. We need to edit more.And there is no greater irrelevant critic than our own minds.

No one can be as mean, harsh and unhelpful as our own egos, telling us what scrappy job we are doing, ALL THE TIME. So let’s get ruthless. No more extra attention placed on the feedback that shouldn’t count. Just a thank you very much and moving right along.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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