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Staying Afloat

Makes sense doesn’t it? Why do we encourage our ego to engage with that which in our heart of hearts we know is not true? Because we all have egos!! Let me be straight, everyone, even enlightened people, or people of high consciousness have egos. They don’t disappear or dissolve, and we can’t tame them. But we can begin to understand more deeply the role they play, and their personal power over us, and the credence we choose to give, or not to give them.

Some understand their egos implicitly, it’s inherent and natural, and almost laugh them off as some weird friend hanging around. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these kind of people. Some have the volume so low, and have had it so for so long, they barely know anymore the grip of their egos. These people are few. Most of us stumble around navigating between heart and ego, tripping, listening, believing, disbelieving and so on…

The only person who really knows is us ourselves. So we better dive deep and get to know our hearts voice so it can better guide us (for this I recommend Vedic Meditation, spiritual knowledge and a dash of daily reconciling), so that we are not lost, not sunk.

I love Sri M’s plain, sensible, love filled teachings, and I’ll be forever grateful Jeff Kober introduced me first through a gift of his first book and then I attended a Retreat of his and so on. He’s got the charming coupling of a no-nonsense approach with a deep curiosity and natural creativity. It’s simply put, wonderful. His main message is to every day to be a better human being. If you’re interested in that as much as I am, do send his team (details on his site) an email won’t you? If you want to read more I would recommend starting with his book Apprentice To A Himalayan Master, and subscribe to his daily and very short newsletters. There’s word of his coming to Australia.

Let’s all stay afloat together as much as we can, yes?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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