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Talking Broadly – Maryanne Edwards

Yoga teacher Maryanne Edwards has recently launched a new business Organically Wealthy. We fell in love with the name, and how she came to it.

“So compelled was I to register a business and start building a brand around a personal mantra that has been relevant in my life this year – I began exploring what it is to be organically wealthy?”

Maryanne teaches in Sydney, and has a nice little blog here that is running while she creates her new website. You can check her out on Facebook here and we particularly like her inspiring Instagram account!

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Maryanne, where do you currently live?


What currently keeps you busy?

Yoga!! This week I’m practicing at a 6.30am 7 day workshop as well as a couple of other regular practices PLUS teaching several classes. I also work a couple of days at the beautiful ‘Earth to Table’ cafe, Bondi Junction and man the reception desk at Hom Yoga on the weekends. I’m passionate about optimum health so I am currently training in a program that I believe will be really accessible and doable for a lot of people who want to take their health from not great, ok or even good to great. 

Oh and I also have a small fashion label ‘wonders cease’.

It makes my head spin just listing all this, I’ll be refining and simplifying my many roles this year.

What do you do to stay healthy, and live a balanced lifestyle?

Yoga of course. I also walk or cycle everywhere, swim in the ocean when I can. I try to get out in the sunshine for at least half an hour everyday. I eat a plant based diet and avoid alcohol, sugar & processed foods. I also surround myself with people who are supportive of these choices and find plenty of inspiration from them everyday. 

How do you approach meditation?

Honestly I would like to say I was more experienced in the art, I certainly find that just sitting with yourself and breathing is one of the BEST things you can do in a day. I will only do this however for short periods of time before I find it hard to focus my mind. I think that’s why I love my asana practice so much – because I find that making shapes/forms with the body is a beautiful way to bring the mind into the present whilst still having a concentration point, it becomes a moving meditation for me. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

It really depends on the day, see first question. However it usually involves a yoga practice, some writing time at my home office or work at one of my casual jobs, a visit to one of my favourite farmers markets/grocery stores/cafes for some beautiful plant based nourishment and if I’m lucky a quick dip at Gordon’s Bay. 

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What do you do daily that is non negotiable?

Drink loads of water, take some good quality micro & macro nutrients, move my body in some way and thank the universe for the ability to do all of this. 

How do you define creativity?

Ideas, thoughts or movement free of barriers. Our ability to just roll with life’s ebbs & flows.

What brings you the most joy in your life?

The most? I can’t choose one. Really simple things – loving gestures (given or received), sunshine, the ocean, chocolate (raw, vegan & organic of course).

BLOG The Broad Place Maryanne Edwards

What do you define as happiness?

Health, wealth, love and the time to enjoy them. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement to be?

Again I can’t pinpoint one thing but rather the accumulation of all the choices that have led me to where I am right now. Our greatest achievement is hopefully always just a little way in front of us. 

What qualities do you seek in people?

Self respect, openness, patience, purpose & energy. 

What is a saying or motto you live by or that is relevant to you right now?

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi


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