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Talking Broadly – Melissa Ambrosini

I had the pleasure of initiating Melissa Ambrosini into the art of Vedic Meditation this year. Mel had practiced many forms of meditation for years, so was hardly new to the concept, and we took her practice to a whole new level. (See her testimonial on learning with me here).

We recommend if you’re not already familiar checking out her site and book. Mel’s website Path To Wellness is here and her inspiring 12 Steps To Wellness e-book is available for download here.

We caught up with Mel to talk more about her inspired, dynamic days.

Where do you currently live?

Sydney, Australia.

What keeps you busy?

I am the creator of Path to Wellness. I help people be the best version of themselves, through my one-on-one coaching, retreats, events, speaking gigs, books, products, and wildly popular blog.

What do you do to stay healthy, and live a balanced lifestyle?

I meditate twice a day + nourish my body with the highest vibrations organic food + get to bed by 9:30pm + choose to think pure thoughts + practice gratitude every day + surround myself with inspiring, supportive, like-minded people + take time out for self-care + flex my self-love muscle and karate chop my limiting, “mean girl” beliefs.

How do you approach meditation? 

I subscribe to the Vedic meditation approach. I have tried loads of different techniques such as: mindfulness meditation, guided and breath meditation. But, Vedic has been the most supportive and powerful tool for me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are ever alike for me. I am conducting events, writing books, creating products, formulating blog, speaking, and organizing retreats. This definitely keeps things very interesting. But here’s a rough example of a day in my life:

– I wake with the sun.
– I meditate for twenty minutes + write in my journal + pull an angel card for the day and – set some intentions for my day.
– Then, I either head to training or yoga. I move my body every day.
– I come home and usually have a green juice + shower.
– I start my work day at eight a.m. and post that day’s blog.
– I have clients from nine to twelve.
– Lunch is around midday.
– Then, I either see more clients or have meetings in the afternoon.
– I have dinner at 6:30 p.m. and I’m in bed by 9:30 p.m.

What do you do daily that is non-negotiable?

Meditation + nourishing my body with organic food + laughter + doing work I love.

How do you define creativity?

Creativity is something we all have. No one is more creative than anyone else. Creativity swims through our veins. It’s just whether or not we choose to say yes to it.
If you had to nominate just one, what single thing brings you the most joy in your life?
Connecting and hysterically laughing with my loved ones.

What do you define as happiness?

If I can put my head on my pillow at night and say I have done work I love + been of service + was present and the most authentic version of myself that day, then I am happy.
I also feel happiness is about totally acceptance in the here and now.

What do you consider your greatest achievement to be? 

I am most proud of how I have been able to turn my life around. Four years ago, I had nothing. I lost my health, my job, my money, my friends … everything! But I turned my life around and I am so proud of that.

In terms of career this year I released my first eBook 12 Steps to Wellness. This was something I never thought I would do. Also running my first retreat in Bali earlier this year and running 9km for the Blackmore’s running festival were major accomplishments. These are just a few things I am very proud of.

What qualities do you seek in people?

I surround myself with people who possess the qualities I admire:
Authenticity + passion + purpose + honesty + love and openness.
What is a saying or motto you live by or that is relevant to you right now?
Create your own rules. Live the life you want. Don’t subscribe to someone else’s models. Create your own.

Hope you enjoy this interview,


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