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Talking Broadly with Vanessa Megan

I have had the pleasure of not only being friends with Ness, but to also work with her on her incredible brand Vanessa Megan. Her product is hands down the best I have used for my skin. I yoyo around between natural products (that I usually swear aren’t working) and chemical laden products that promise me the world, and I have to admit do work well on my skin in the short term. Then I found Vanessa’s product, that’s certified organic and good for you all the way. When you consider your skin is your largest organ, an absorbs rapidly all the stuff you put on it into your system, you have reason to be concerned. With Vanessa Megan product, I noticed the difference within three days, which was the first surprise, and then it just keeps getting better and better. Normally I find that after 8 weeks my skin normalises the product I use and it doesn’t seem to work as well after that, but not so with Vanessa Megan product.
So with all my respect for what Ness and the product have to offer, I am so pleased to feature her on Talking Broadly!!


Where do you currently live? Rose Bay NSW
What currently keeps you busy? My Business ‘Vanessa Megan’ keeps me out of mischief.
With your brand Vanessa Megan, what drove you to launch such a business? Launching Vanessa megan was a completely Organic transition (no pun intended) VM was a hobby I did in my spare time, that just ‘took off’ and became what it is today through consumers desire for an organic skincare option that wasn’t on the market. Hence the birth and launch of the product today.
What have been the major joys to date with Vanessa Megan? Oh gosh, there have been so many. The first being when I had my first request for product in the first few weeks of ever selling at the Bondi Markets, I thought ‘Oh wow, someone has actually asked for my product!’
We receive constant calls from customers sharing their stories of how VM has changed their life. I know, it sounds dramatic, but when you have had problem skin and tried so many options and then this works and makes your skin the way it should be, we get so many grateful customers. It brings me to tears sometimes, hearing how grateful some people are just to have good skin again. These moments I could live off, they are what inspire and motivate me personally.
With Vanessa Megan, what have been the biggest hurdles you have jumped? I have had to jump a few hurdles, which in hindsight have made me a better business woman. These are mainly business aspects, which have nothing to do with the actual product, but the running of a business. These hurdles really made me stand up and own the brand. I think, because Vanessa Megan it happened so easily, I didn’t believe that I felt I’d earned the business. After jumping these business hurdles, I absolutely felt I had earned my stripes and I really stepped up in owning the business as a ‘real’ business, not just a hobby that had gone commercial.
What do you do to stay healthy, and live a balanced lifestyle? I love to do yoga, exercise is a big thing for my mental wellbeing, I love to get the natural endorphins moving through my body. 6 Months ago I learnt the art of meditation. I had through my whole life known about meditation and just thought ‘Nah, not for me, I prefer to do moving meditation’. When I was going through my above business hurdles I realised I ‘needed’ a better way to de-stress. I looked into meditation and the different types. Anyway cut to June this year and I finally learnt how to do vedic meditation, honestly this is the best addition to my lifestyle and best gift to self that i have ever done. I never knew how easy it could be and how completely blissful. I am so grateful it is in my life.
How do you approach meditation? I approach meditation as a way to focus and ready my day, or end my day. Sometimes I am resistant to it, this is usually when I have a busy day ahead and I always think I don’t have time for it, but usually this is when I need it the most.
What does a typical day look like for you? My day changes constantly, there is no routine, however the hours I keep and the beginning and end of my days are quite similar…6.30am wake, 7 am leave for work, 7.30 workout, 8.30 meditate, 9am start my work day…
What do you do daily that is non negotiable? Exerscise / meditate
How do you define creativity?  Collaborating with likeminded people. This is the most joyous and exhilarating thing.
What brings you the most joy in your life? At the moment, the thought of my unborn child growing inside me.
What do you define as happiness? Happiness to me is being your complete self. good / bad / indifferent, and sharing it with someone, laughing at yourself, connecting with other human beings.
What do you consider your greatest achievement to be? The creation of my unborn child.
What qualities do you seek in people? Honesty, transparency, mental flexibility, passion, self reflection and observation


What is a saying or motto you live by or that is relevant to you right now? ‘You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat’ – the VM motto, my other personal motto is ‘Don’t ever have the regret of thinking when you are 80 and sitting on your rocking chair… ‘What if’? 




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