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The Art of Travel

We travel a lot, and we love it. For me traveling is an extension of the exploration of the self, in the outer. We cannot experience new, wondrous things and not shift our perspective and attitudes and thinking. Arran and I travel completely differently. For him, it’s a time to meditate a little, and smash as many movies as possible and relax. For me, its a time to rejuvenate, replenish and meditate like mad.

My travel routine takes some energy to prepare – with NO regrets on this investment on time once I am in the air.

The key thing when traveling is to balance Vata, the Dosha that when out of balance makes us feel spacey, weird, not ourselves and causes dryness, constipation, insomnia and exhaustion. Essentially, jet lag equals a Vata imbalance.

When I land, I want to feel incredible. Either I am hitting the ground running straight into work, or I am keen to enjoy my holiday. I definitely do not want jet lag, feeling awful and getting sick being in the way of my good time!

With Vedic Meditation you can meditate as much or as little as you like. As soon as I sit on the plane, I begin meditating and then continue until it begins to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes this is an hour sometime more or less. Then I have a little break, and continue. Vedic Meditation is the best way to alleviate jet lag, so continuing as much as you feel good whilst doing it is fantastic.

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In regards to what I eat/drink…

– I take a little ice bag/freezer pack filled with things like toasted coconut chips, agave free raw chocolate, usually Liefje, I take gluten free crackers, miso sachets, Vata Dosha Balancing tea and a strainer, and usually a little lunch box with brown rice, avocado, nori and sesame seeds.

– I always take an empty thermos, and as soon as I get on ask the staff to fill it – then I make cups of Vata tea, and stir in little miso sachets and sip miso soup and drink just the hot water also. Warm non-caffeinated beverages are fantastic for calming the nervous system and balancing Vata.

I stay away from

– cold or reheated food

– dry salty foods (nut packs and pretzels etc)

– coffee and alcohol

– spicy, aggravating foods

When it comes to extra care…

– I rub a little Vata Oil into my ears and all over my chest and sometimes face.

– I have a cream cashmere wrap that is huge and completely envelopes me and I take a little lavender oil and drop a few drops on my wrap before enclosing myself in it to meditate. This also keeps me warm when they turn up the air con about 30 minutes into the flight.

– I take a brilliant book to keep me engaged when I am not meditating and try stay away from aggressive or intense movies.

Happy Travels!


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