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The Broad Place Travels – Jeeva Beloam, Lombok

We had seen in a few travel and architecture magazines this beautiful boutique resort, Jeeva Beloam. Jeeva Beloam is the smaller hotel to Jeeva Klui. It only has 11 ‘huts’ that are ultra glamorous and positioned on their private beach. Now the downside is the getting there. When we say remote, we mean it. The roads are treacherous, and its a long way (about 2-2.5 hours from the airport) on such terrible roads. However upon arriving all is forgiven, as you over look the clear blue water with a cup of iced lemongrass and ginger tea in hand, and discover your hut. The design is very impressive, with much attention to detail. All villa’s overlook the secluded beach and are very private. There is plenty of room to do yoga, bring your own mat, and the beach although short is great for a soft sand jog in the mornings.

The Broad Place Travels Lombok 8 Jeeva Beloam

The Broad Place Travels Lombok 21 Jeeva Beloam

The Broad Place Travels Lombok 32 Jeeva Beloam

The food is a let down, with much of the menu being dominated by Western dishes (who wants to eat a hot dish of cream fettucine in 35 degree heat?) and is limited by a two dish menu, so you order the meal before that service, with a soup, then two main choices and two dessert choices. Everything is pretty heavy on the sugar, but you could definitely avoid wheat and red meat. The main dining room though, which is a beautiful open air pavilion is wonderful, and even more spectacular on sunset.

The Broad Place Travels Lombok 24 Jeeva Beloam

The Broad Place Travels Lombok 33 Jeeva Beloam

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The Broad Place Travels Lombok 22 Jeevaq Beloam

There are lots of fun things to do. The beach in front is quite dangerous depending on the tide so keep that in mind, however you can definitely go for a dip, and better still there is a beach a short drive away (in the back of small ute) to a delightful beach. The staff set you up on the sand with rugs and towels and iced water and supply you with kayaks and snorkelling gear. The water was beautifully clear and the snorkelling was great, electric blue starfish and a large range of fish. It is an idyllic way to spend a day.

The Broad Place Travels Lombok 23 Jeeva Beloam

What stood out here were the staff. They were divine, remembered our names from the first questioning and were incredibly helpful and sweet. Jeeva Beloam is ridiculously romantic and charming. If you have time on your hands, and don’t mind an ‘exciting’ journey there it’s worth it. If you’re short on time, you may resent the hassle of getting there and back. Once they install their helipad, and can bypass the drive, we’ll definitely return.

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All photo’s by Jacqui Lewis taken for The Broad Place

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