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The Broad Place Weekend Edition Launch!

This is our 100th Letter this year!! Yay! And today we launch the Weekend Edition! And as I am a Virgo and recording perfectionist that unplanned synchronicity of this lights me up no end. There are so many things I want to share with you each week, yet, to be honest, I am now smitten with writing the Letters, and didn’t want to give up that commitment and experience…so now we are adding in a Weekend Edition of The Broad Place. This will be much lighter, and you can expect to find interesting links for deeper research, a recipe I have created, some things Arran or I have discovered or are reading, and if there are any important reminders or events we have on, I’ll pop them here… 

This quote for me touches on this, the endeavor to inwardly resemble beauty and always be touched by it. I don’t mean looking fit and hot. I mean seeing the light glint on the ocean, or a sunrise reflects off a building. Reading a sentence that makes our breath deepen, listening to a song and singing at the top of our lungs. Smiling gently at that mother as its baby wails in line, and being able to reflect on how quickly it will grow up, and what type of life it will live and that this one wail that is slaying that mother right now she will one day miss madly. It’s the beauty of the synchronicity, the simplicity. Slowing down to being able to absorb the speed in which our days are passing us by. It’s enjoying but not being attached to the material. To appreciate but not obsess over. It’s to internalise all of this so deeply that not a moment goes by without our being present. 


This is nothing short of mind­blowing, Art by Refik Anadol linked to brain waves. Arran and I watched over and over again. Indulge HERE.

Also, I recommend this all the time, it’s not new but is so beautiful, Jeong Kwan on Netflix’s Third Season of Chefs Table, it’s Episode 1. 


Our India Retreat is almost fully booked and the Early Bird Special with a hefty discount wraps in a few days. Check all the details HERE

AND drum rolllllll we have just gone live with our Byron Bay Retreat at Atlantic and it’s already 40% full from our Wait List that got notified first. This always books out and we have an Early Bird special fee too, so check details HERE.

If you’re in Sydney the Workshop we are hosting with Jeff Kober next weekend is on and is guaranteed to be spectacular. Grab your tickets HERE


If you are already a student of The Broad Place, be sure to log in and check out all the Integrated Meditation Modules and let us know what you think. If you want to resit our course with me or Emily, please check the Calendar and let us know what course you are keen to join! This is our gift to you, you can join in again at anytime and refine your practice. 

We are getting excellent feedback for our Weekly Recharge Sessions that are available all around the world live and recorded for you to listen to later in the IaM Vault. These go for 20 minutes each Monday 12 pm Sydney and Melbourne time, 7 pm Sunday LA time and 9 pm New York time and so on. They are an awesome way to gain more knowledge and clarity and keep inspired to meditate. We open them up to everyone, even if you are not a Vedic Meditator. The link to these each week and the topic of the Recharge Session is up on our Calendar.


HONEY HI in Los Angeles is a must for anyone visiting or living there. Every dish is beyond and they innovate in ways that lit me up and drove Arran crazy with all my questions and ‘oh WOW, so how did you do that then?’ They introduced me to the joys of Jade Rice. 

FORAGE is a newish cafe in Avalon/Clareville that we love, with an adjoining grocery store. Gluten and dairy and sugar-free menu items that actually taste brilliant as opposed to dry bricks of nonsense! 


When I have time, making Salmon Gravalax at home I love to do. Please only buy sustainably farmed or wild salmon. The things that go on in the farms are beyond horrific. 

You can find the Recipe HERE.


A Letter from awhile ago on Compassion that I reread and needed, and thought you might too. Take a dive into it HERE

Now I’m sure each Weekend Edition won’t be this long and I’ve just come out of the gates hard and fast. But let me know what you think and I’ll see how each week settles into a natural rhythm. 

Sent with love, 

Jac x