The Constant Reminder – The Broad Place

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The Constant Reminder

What happens when a bigger ‘problem’ comes along? All the big problems before it are suddenly relegated to little problems and those occupying our minds and egos fall away. Find out someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, and that friend not responding to your calls, a parent ignoring your advice, a child constantly being disorganised for school, the traffic; none of it seems important anymore. We have bigger fish to fry.

What would life look like if we lived it with this constantly in our awareness? That life is fragile, and painful, and beautiful, and expansive and then suffocating and then awe inspiring. Sometimes all at once. If we accepted that we have no idea really what’s going on, what’s supposed to be going on, nor will we in this one title body in this lifetime likely figure it out? What if we accepted all problems as little pebbles underfoot on our journey, no matter if we branded them big or small.

We read something like this and we say ‘Yes! This is me now! Worry free, having fun!!’ And then two seconds later the Wifi drops out and a text message won’t send and we slightly lose it. We slip that fast. So we must keep reminding ourselves. Ongoing and ongoing.

Sent with love,

Jac x