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Time To Trim

So for today’s tools on how to experience a higher grade life, the key thing is to EDIT. When something is too full, it needs to empty out. Now either we actively do this ourselves, or we stand and watch by as the universe takes care of it for us (usually in shocking or traumatic ways). I know which I want to be involved in!

If you want more of something, something else has to go. So what are you going to reduce or eliminate in order to experience this? Because we cannot add more in without taking something away. It’s as simple as that.

One of my key EDIT’s for the next three months while I commit to writing to you more, is no television series, and movies only on my weekends. I can get utterly consumed by a fabulous series. And when I curse myself for not sharing more and writing to you more, I have to look at what is taking the time. It’s a trap to throw ones hands in the air and exclaim ‘but there’s not enough time!’. There’s 24 hours in every day that we can each access. If in a week (168 hours) I spend 10-12 hours (that’s 1-2 episodes a night) watching Netflix, and I add that time up, I could literally publish 6 books a year, or 5 letters to you a week (that’s 20 a month!). I got really clear on my commitment to share and try as best as I can be of service with something that’s free for all. And so this is my current Editing Experiment.

I would love you to share yours with me if you want to write back! I always find it inspiring to know what you are up to and how it’s helping you, or your commitments. Sometimes just saying it out loud (like I am with mine) is a key part of getting started!

Sent with love,


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