W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 20 – The Broad Place

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W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 20


I adore this book by our friend Josh, his approach to creativity and consciousness continually inspires me. I interviewed Josh for our upcoming podcasts which will launch soon, can’t wait to share it with you!

I am always fascinated with the routines of people, and especially artists, and this piece on Georgia O’Keefe is delightful on her morning routine.


This truly beautiful piece by our friend who is family, Noa Amos Eakin. Noa was diagnosed with cancer at 17 and created this to describe his experience dealing with the horrors of chemo and his relationship with nature as a place of solace. Not only the costume he is wearing, hand sewing every element, and the mask, he wrote the screenplay and directed and starred and filmed the Warrior Within for his year 12 major artwork. I hope you love it, and I know he’d love your thoughts on it in the comments section of the video, (even though he doesn’t know we’re including this in our Weekend Edition!).

I’ve shared this before but will do so again, as the honesty in regards to creativity getting tired and bland and the need to shake it all up we subscribe to SO much. Watch Stefan Sagmesieter make you reframe how you work entirely here. 


Morning Pages is a tool neatly described by Julia Cameron as the path to creativity and consciousness. Her book The Artists Way describes it in more detail, but there’s a quick video on it here.


Please note that next weekend is our last Weekend Edition for a month as I travel India for our Retreat and afterward to study with two of my wonderful Indian teachers. I will be writing the Daily Letters whilst away but the linking and internet will be too challenging for me whilst there for these beautiful Editions and they take a lot more time than the Daily Letter too!

Also, our Byron Bay Retreat is now FULLY BOOKED! For anyone who missed it, we are considering another in March, so email us to show your interest and we can add you to a waiting list.

Thank you for everyone that has been enquiring about Vedic Meditation Teacher Training, there is clearly such a thirst for absorbing and sharing this knowledge out there. We are looking into how Meditation Teacher Training might look in a different, more detailed format to how we currently host it. There is a short introductory interview form HERE if you wish to fill it out and register your interest we would love to start a conversation with you. This will if it takes place, non residentially be hosted in Sydney and Los Angeles with an extended immersion and graduation in Asia or India.

We are considering many things with this, including a preliminary 6 month Vedic Knowledge and Spiritual Development Course (that anyone can enrol in, even if you decide not to continue to become a teacher). It will be a deeply immersive self-development course on ancient knowledge for modern living. If you would like to stay tuned in on this too, please email our team info@thebroadplace.com.au with ‘Vedic Knowledge Course Info’ in the title, and Shearry our Community Manager will add you to the list so you can find out more info as it comes available.

We have a huge amount of exciting things launching once I am back from India and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Sent with love,

Jac x


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