W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 21 – The Broad Place

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W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 21

Photo from our India Retreat in Rishikesh

Oh my lord is it excellent to be home! So emotional! So wonderful! So many delicious meals created and eaten in our kitchen. So much doting on the dogs. And, sooo much that we are creating, so a hell of a lot of time in front of my computer. This I can tell you, working for yourself is so challenging and so rewarding. 

At the moment, life feels huge and fast paced and fulfilling but overwhelming, and I am reminding myself to pause and actually relish everything we have created. Our Byron Bay Retreat in December is fully booked and our February Retreat is booking up fast. So many brands and workplaces I have dreamed of working I have been creating with. We are SO close to launching something massive which we will reveal soon in a staggered launch over a few months; six months of inspiration, creation, and sweaty long days and throwing our hands in the air in a rotation of frustration and then joy.

Arran and I are designing, photographing, editing and writing together night and day and it feels so unreal, the being side by side with a creative vision and staying tightly in each others orbit. Working with your partner though adds a later of appreciation and also let’s be honest, sometimes tension that ensures you’re always learning the art of even clearer communication and patience! And then we have incredible trips planned over the next six months, Melbourne, road trips from Byron to Sydney, London, Portugal and hopefully Japan again. So taking, the time to stop and appreciate all we have created for ourselves rather than just forge through is so vital. We take big risks, not all pay off, and when they do, we get to reap what we sow. We forget to stop and appreciate that what was a dream is now our reality. I find myself reminding myself to not get caught in all this modern day nonsense of ‘being an entrepreneur’ (which is usually a fancy word self employed people tell themselves at 2am) and messages of rise and grind etc. The only thing I want to grind these days is my coffee in the morning. But we live in slightly mental times, so pausing daily, appreciating and not taking stuff to seriously, is what I have to do to personally keep myself on keel. 

This Weekend Edition has no theme, just fun stuff I have been eyeballing and keeping inspired by. In the coming months we are going to start sharing with you some of our wonderful friends and what they are keeping inspired with, to keep this fresh and awesome. If you think you might have something unreal to contribute, shoot us an email and we will consider you a guest editor! 

Sent with love,

Jac x


I mean we all need help with productivity when life is this exciting and there’s so much to experience. This article on the insights of 22 powerful women and their tips is inspiring.


Hiking is something we are into, and so I love dreaming up new places to walk around and explore, and these guys put together a nice list if you travel. See The Worlds Best Hikes For Beginners

I’ve been looking much to Arran’s amusement, at swags to buy for Marley and I, and my friend recommended these ones. And if you have a stupid sense of humour like me you will also roll in laughter at the accompanying ‘boot swag’ when you scroll down here.


Something we truly believe in and a great article on Gigi’s site here


A very interesting read on fonts that improve memory retention.


We eat mostly plant based at home, and this recipe for Better Than Pulled Pork Vegan Taco’sI am going to have to try, because this is one huge claim!

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