Weekend Edition 7 – The Broad Place

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Weekend Edition 7

Arran and I are working on so many projects at the moment together, and it feels so good to have taken two weeks out from teaching just to write and create. We are relaunching our 7 Day Mind Cleanse e-book with a HUGE updated Edition 2.0 and also, drum roll, it will be available in print. I am so proud that print is not dead, and our Mothers Mind Cleanse print version still sells 4x more copies than the digital version. Everyone that has already purchased a copy of the 7 Day Mind Cleanse will receive the beautiful updated bumper version in digital form as a gift from us, and the opportunity to also purchase the print at a discount, so keep your eyes on your inbox over the next month or so.

Editing and writing more content for this has bought up a lot of things for me, clarity on what has been working and proudly introducing now years later, and a fair amount of cringing at my earlier writing style. Sigh.

The reason I have decided to recommit to upgrading the 7 Day Mind Cleanse is from the output of my private mentoring sessions with students – where the power of transformation through simple tools continues to blow me away. When we are not clear, everything gets foggy and seems a drag. When we are not inspired, not creative, everything feels lethargic. On the flip side, when we are energised, clear, filled with purpose and vision and have a toolbox to lean into when we need it, we are ultimately so much more dynamic and flexible and can take on anything.

So, this Weekend Edition, I want to share tiny crumbs of things you can start to implement right away before we release the Second Edition. These are dead simple and you can begin right away, even though they don’t have all the science and philosophy the book provides. If you do want to get stuck into the 7 Day Mind Cleanse in its original form right away, please do as you will receive the updated version for free really soon anyway!

And of course, as well as our regular bite-sized pieces of inspiration and creativity for you right after these tips…


Get off all technology an hour on waking or an hour before bed, and daily, and ideally both. As James E Faust says, “We are bombarded on all sides by a vast number of messages we don’t want or need. More information is generated in a single day than we can absorb in a lifetime. To fully enjoy life, all of us must find our own breathing space and peace of mind.”


Our brains believe what our minds tell them. Banish the word busy immediately, stop drain and overwhelm and empower yourself with new language as to what you are doing with your time.


A steadfast ritual you can take with you anywhere provides an amazing architecture for the day ahead, grounded, stable and clear.


We love Okonomiyaki and it’s a steadfast meal at our house. I think Marni from FOG has made me the best one I have had in Australia, and I am keen to also try this one at CIBI when there next week if it’s on the menu. You can make it yourself from HERE.


I really loved this email from our friend Jeff from earlier in the week, read it HERE.

My daughter and I both love Jonathan from Queer Eye for his positivity and inspiration and a friend sent me a cute interview with him HERE.


This brought back so many memories as I used to make my own paper as a kid, much to my mums horror as god does it make a mess in a domestic home. A beautifully shot video on master papermaker HERE.


I am always keeping an eye on what’s on HERE for some Japanese inspiration in Australia.

Also in London a beautiful looking exhibition exploring ‘what lies beneath’ HERE.

For those in LA or visiting I am always surprised at how often this is missed on people’s lists, one of my all time fav designer couples old residence that you can visit HERE where I got so emotional visiting that I cried. Poor Arran, I mean honestly!!

Stay inspired, keep meditating, be conscious.

Sent with love,

Jac x

The photo above I took in Japan when on Naoshima one of the art islands where Arran and I had one of those life-changing trips that will stay with us forever.