W E E K E N D E D I T I O N – With Kate Pascoe Squires – The Broad Place

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W E E K E N D E D I T I O N – With Kate Pascoe Squires

This Weekend Edition we are proudly introducing you to Kate Pascoe Squires, who has been making some significant and inspiring changes in her life, departing from her ground up business Kate & Kate to live a simpler and more grounded life with a focus on conscious and creative living. We hope this Weekend Edition inspires you deeply.


 I dragged myself into The Broad Place after being gifted a mentoring session more than two and a half years ago. At the time, I felt like I had concrete blocks dragging behind me. Chains on my feet. A head full of fog. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t know how I’d let things get so dire. On the surface, I had a whole lot, as most of us do. A great husband. Two healthy kids. A beautiful house. Supportive family. Successful business. But I struggled each and every morning to get out of bed. Sure, I have suffered from chronic health issues for the best part of my adult life – but this was more. Something within me was rotten and I needed to fix it. Quick. Enter Jac Lewis and The Broad Place.

Jac just gets me, like she probably gets you if you are reading this – and indeed, the whole Broad Place community. I didn’t know what I needed. I didn’t know about meditation (hippy dippy, right?!) and I certainly didn’t understand the work I could and needed to do to start ENJOYING my life again. Being allowed the space to talk through things, one point at a time, and really drilling down into the essence of what was going on, I slowly started to see the light. For the first time in years, I actually started to feel lighter. And it happened quickly. Sure, there was a lot to work through (and there continues to be), but now it’s done so from the heart. There’s a commitment to living this way and it comes from a fierce place within me.  But it’s oh so light. And I don’t want to waste another second.

For now, my work is to give myself the space I so desperately need to rebuild my health, mental and physical, because without one, you rarely have the other. I could cry for all the knowledge I have gathered and it’s only the start for me. For all of us. Because if we’ve ‘got there’, we’re dead – and I’m sure as hell not ready for that.

This WEEKEND EDITION will be a homage to the most beautiful elements of the Slow Down. The crux of the slow down is the refusal of “busy”. The discipline of allowing yourself time. And isn’t the weekend the perfect time to exercise this? Enjoy.

Image from Kate’s Instagram


This weekend. Meditate. Twice a day. Both days. No excuses. Afterwards, let yourself bask a little longer in that after meditation glow. It will have you walking on air all day.

Image from Kate’s Instagram


Get out amongst it. We live near the coast, so my preference is always to head to where the land meets the sea. It’s magic.  Always. If you are feeling brave, jump into the salt water. You never regret a swim. Promise.

Need some inspiration? Check these guys out. PlacesWeSwim

Image from Kate’s Instagram


Wholefood recipes that nourish the body and soul really light me up. I’ve been deep diving into Magdalena Roze’s ‘Happy & Whole’ for a few months now and it never disappoints. This weekend, I’ll make her smoky eggplant dip (the smell of smoking your eggplants on an open flame is next-level amazing), with falafel and an Israeli salad – all served with love – and a glass of the Logan 2016 Chardonnay. This wine is made by some pretty awesome people and I think it shows in the taste.


I really didn’t expect to love the Goop podcast when it launched earlier this year, but I have to say, the quality and content is beautiful. Properly beautiful. I was delighted at the recent interview with Greg McKeown (author of Essentialism) entitled Why “Doing It All” Is a Con. Steal away an hour to have a listen.


Self Care: A Working Definition. A collective, non-exhaustive list of behaviours and diagrams that keep us on point, compiled by some employees of The New York Times. This article was sent to me by a very special friend and I waited until I had a quiet moment to myself to really lap it up. It’s a cracker. And the sketches that go alongside the copy are hilarious.


A visit to Tribe Natural Beauty is a treat in itself. Upstairs in my favourite Bronte nook, the staff, atmosphere, offering and natural light are perfection. I treat myself to a Tribe Manicure and Pedicure once every few months and they are game-changing. No more dodgy nail bars for me, these treatments are polish free and revive your nails like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Finished with natural beeswax. Yum.

Signing off

Give yourself permission to sink into the Slow Down this weekend. Just take small moments where you stop and let the wonder infuse your mind and body. The deliciousness of your chai. Fresh salty air at the beach. A meal, made with love. A call from your best friend. That glass of wine. Whatever it is, just love it and let it bring you the joy you deserve.

Kate Pascoe Squires

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