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Want No Jetlag??

Want to rid yourself of jet lag? Who doesn’t!

As a Vedic Meditator you have the world’s best tool for eliminating jet lag – your meditation practice! Flying is very aggravating for our nervous systems and our Vata Dosha can go out of balance very fast. There are lots of other little tricks to keep Vata in balance, and Vedic Meditation is the king of this!

I take an empty insulated thermos onto the plane and get them to fill with hot water (add a herbal tea bag if you like, I really enjoy simple hot water!). Sip this whilst sitting on the plane and throughout the flight as hot water calms your digestion and nervous system and is fantastic for balancing Vata.

Then once seated, literally start meditating. You’ll hover a lot in and out of transcending. You can feel quite deep in the meditation, but also be very aware of noise and thoughts, it’s delicious – just swim around in this state for as long as you can! You might nap, if sleep comes, just go with it. And when you wake, keep meditating. If you feel you have gone for as long as you can, take a break. Try not to watch any crazy violent movies, simply read instead, or watch something gentle and relaxing. And when it feels right, keep meditating!

I would honestly recommend taking your own food, I take organic veg stock cubes and make up little broths with hot water from the flight attendants, and drink TONNES of water. Packet snacks are good if healthy, try to avoid preservatives and go easy on too many nuts (avoid salted). All the dry food throws your VATA out, so you ideally want warm nourishing foods. Avoid caffeine and alcohol! This will throw you like nothing else!

Ultimately, the more you meditate, the more you will eliminate your jet lag, and there is no limit to how long you can meditate for. Good luck x

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