WEEKEND EDITION 14 – The Broad Place

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Ohayo everyone!! 

I am penning this from Okinawa in Japan, and in all honesty, the time here has been so time-consuming with the karate tournament and training and exploring where we can fit it in that I haven’t been online too much. So this Weekend Edition is a short little gathering of things. I’m collecting little stories and learnings to share with you all next week, so stay tuned in for those…

The photo above is from a little beach which I found surreal as it’s nestled under a freeway. The water is crystal clear filled with fish, and there were elderly women exercising, and a gentleman feeding stray cats meat from chopsticks and a man with the coolest old dog, a beagle cross, who he lifted up onto the ledge so he could enjoy the view. Okinawa is a fascinating place this strange hybrid of so many things. Admittedly we are staying near the Budokan where the Karate tournament is on, and it’s not the most fabulous of areas, but I have always believed there’s something wonderful to be found on foot while walking. So each morning Anna and I set off on foot, and we have found the most amazing trees, parks, little canals, and beaches. And the red light district, which we came across by mistake! It’s 99% humidity and so hot, and we end up after our early adventure back at the hotel drenched in sweat with sunglasses so fogged up we can’t wear them. After this, we venture to Hakone and Kyoto, so if you have any recommendations please do let me know! 


This article lit me up to end. I have a tendency to get manic about certain things, where enthusiasm borders on obsession, and so I find it comforting to read about my people’ going about their lives in similar ways! Check out the playlist on Spotify it’s become my go-to whilst traveling this trip and also will be my new writing playlist for sure! Read HERE.

One of the greatest things I have read and brought me to tears – may we all embrace simplicity, knowing what lights us up and joy. Read HERE.

One of my wonderful friend and all around inspiring human Lisa Stephenson has written an unreal book that you should grab as a manual for getting direction in your life and understanding the steps and tools to live life in alignment with what you want. Read more HERE.


A statement HERE.

This beauty HERE.


If you’re into gardens and nature as much as us, this is a useful guide for Japan HERE.

I get asked a lot lately what watercolour paints I use, and I really like getting things from Case For Making, as they’re a small business in San Fran with a lot of integrity, and yes it’s worth the shipping the quality is amazing. Check them out HERE.

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