WEEKEND EDITION 15 – The Broad Place

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There seems to be an accidental theme to this Weekend Edition is which is curiosity. My process is to collect all week little things that catch my eye that I think you might like. Then I sit down, check them again, collate them all and gather the links and write the little intro to each if needed, and then at the end, I write this piece you’re reading right now. And what was loud and clear is that these are all about something that stemmed from curiosity, they are not just inspiring. 

On this theme, I am curious to know what you like or would like to see more of in these Weekend Editions! Are they worth the effort? Do you like the content? Is there simply too much and we should trim it down? Or do you like picking your way through it all? 

Sent with love,

Jac x


Floating residences HERE. 

A whole new level of garden HERE


Arran and our friend Amanda both at the last minute joined us Tokyo, to specifically see this exhibit. It was one of those incredibly synchronistic experiences where a brief conversation led to tickets being available on the only day we were already in Tokyo. So they jumped on a plane. It was beyond worth it, as this exhibition was utterly mind-blowing. I know it sounds ludicrous, but if you can make it to Tokyo for this I can’t recommend it more. We spent 3 hours within this, in tears at times, and in wonder, laughing and running around like kids and sitting in utter awe. We flew on points, stayed somewhere reasonable (try B Hotels or Tokyu Stay) as you will not be in your hotel much in Tokyo I promise you! I desperately wished Marley was with us. And Amanda wished we could have had our brains mapped the entire experience as we were both convinced it would have been lit up in places never lit up before. Pictures don’t do it justice, but that’s one above. See the exhibit HERE.


Trying our different ways to live is one of mine and Arran’s key curiosities, and we have moved house an inordinate amount of times together, given away and sold most of what we owned to move to a furnished cottage on the ridge of a nature reserve. We constantly rework how we live and work, how that feels and what it might look like. We spend months and months a year working abroad, with its joys and challenges. And all along the way, we meet other people who are doing life in interesting and different ways. If you’re pondering how you might do things differently this is a nice place to start with a highly respected graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, being raw and honest and mixing it all up with work and life HERE.


When we were in Okinawa, we were driven around by a highly respected Sensei’s friend for half a day, a quiet older gentlemen, maybe 75 years old, whose name I could never quite catch. He spoke a little English. I love conversations with new people, and so asked him a lot in the car. We sat for coffee and treats and his friend was there also and showed us a book that had recently been published, and it featured an article by our new friend. The article was all in Japanese, so we couldn’t read it but there were pictures. Of UFO’s. I asked if the article was on UFO’s and he very quietly said, yes, I believe there are UFO’s and I research and write about it all the time. This delighted me to no end. I am obsessed with people’s obsessions. I think we all need something to fascinate and keep our curiosity flowing as humans, I don’t care what the subject is. And then I stumbled on this article HERE which reminded me of the exchange and wanted to share it. 

Debbie Millman is someone Arran and I have respected for decades. She has a fascinating podcast, her books are brilliant, and if you’re looking for some inspiration on creativity she’s a treasure trove. So I wanted to introduce you to her HERE.


One of the key things that clamps down on curiosity and refuses to let it breathe is overload and a lack of clarity. We created the 7 Day Mind Cleanse specifically to help students with this very thing, as we walk you through a process to cleanse your mind every day over a week HERE.


When we are traveling overseas, we love the fact we can explore so many new things. But then we realised we can do this at home too. This weekend, go somewhere in the city you live in that you have never been before. A suburb unexplored, a new part of town. Don’t just go to your regular coffee shop, try a new one. Don’t walk the same way with the dogs, go somewhere to a park entirely new. Look up local bush walks, or swimming holes, or recently opened bars, or bookshops. Just get out there and light up your curiosity in new ways.