Weekend Edition 2 – The Broad Place

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Weekend Edition 2

It’s been an absolutely huge week for me, and a giant weekend lays ahead of me teaching with Jeff Kober over all of Saturday and Sunday. I am quite sure I will be an eggshell by Monday, yet filled with inspiration.

This week felt real and raw in my letters and I loved every minute of it. Brene Brown speaks so elegantly of a ‘vulnerability hangover’; where you know you showed up deeply and authentically, yet sometimes it doesn’t stop the ‘oh my god’ feeling afterward of what showing up so deeply presents. So that’s been me all week, yo­yoing between putting the work out there and teaching my little heart out and then wondering what the heck I am actually doing!! So thank you to all of you that contributed the most beautiful notes this week, it was a real gift.

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, and I spent the morning sitting by a fire with Jeff nutting out the final details for the weekend workshop. It’s a balance between overarching themes, room for spontaneity at the moment and knowing all elements inside out so that it’s intuitive yet on a cellular level understood. It was a joy to talk through all the themes and pull them apart.

Pulling apart is one of my favourite things. Extrapolating ideas and concepts, putting them to test, doing the human research and running them like a stitch through my life and seeing what works, what doesn’t. Collaborating with someone who does the same, is exhilarating and grounding. I had a really wonderful call with a student this week, who wants to learn meditation and wanted to ask some questions that turned into a very long and fascinating chat. He said at the end that he was so thankful to finally connect with someone that was interested in the same things around consciousness and how we live. I realised the gift it is that I have so many people to discuss this with, and experience it with. But it wasn’t always the way, and I had to seek them out and connect and align with them.

So this week I really encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and space and start having the kinds of conversations that interest you and light you up. It’s incredible the amount of people who chat to me about interesting things as I am a ‘meditation teacher’ and there must be some invisible license to discuss new things. What it taught me is that the most unlikely people are into so much of the same stuff, there just needs to be a curiosity and a probing and it all starts to flow.

Some things for you to expand your creativity and inspiration with…


The beautiful footage of The 99 Names Of God HERE.

So bizarre. The Largest City You’ve Never Heard Of HERE


My dear friend and student (now meditation teacher!) Briar Macky recommended thispodcast and I loved every second of it. All around sleep, and the science of it. A must listen, and all the way to the end as the last 30 minutes are the most fascinating!
Listen HERE.

I’ve completed this beautiful book, where Brene Brown excels again. Listen HERE.


I’ve added lots of new books I have been reading to our Reading List categories, as well as ‘top books of all time’ list. I might shift it every so often, but this is it for now! Check out HERE.


We have had for an unknown reason a heap of people downloading our Be Your Best Self Program in the last week, and the feedback has been so incredible. If you feel like you want to elevate what’s already in place for you, you can find it HERE.

Enjoy, and I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Sent with love,

Jac x