Weekend Edition 4 – The Broad Place

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Weekend Edition 4

In Sydney, we have had a chill and rain in pockets and it will continue through the weekend. Our fireplace is going almost 24 hours at the moment and at the growers market I picked up lots of cheese, baguette and crisp vegetables to be cooked into warm salads. Tonight is spaghettini with ricotta, garlic, lemon, and chili, simple yet elegant and perfect for when it’s 8 degrees outside.
For your weekend ahead, a collection of things I found or stumbled upon that I thought you might find inspiration in…
Some nice short videos on moving meditation HERE.
The most beautiful natural fragrance with jasmine, smoke, and citrus by Bodha HERE.
My mild cabin obsession continues HERE
Come to India with us in September for a life-changing experience read more HERE.
My friend of decades, meditation student and yogi inspiration Kate interviewed me for her The Space Between podcast and you can take a listen HERE.
An oldie but a goodie HERE.
An older Letter on The Never Ending Jigsaw HERE.
How mirin is made HERE.
A royal kitchen beautifully shot HERE
The photo above from Teshima, one of Japan’s art islands that Arran I explored a few years back. Add it to your must travel to lists.
Sent with love,
Jac x