Weekend Edition 5 – The Broad Place

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Weekend Edition 5

The weather has been rather bleary in Sydney, and I think discussing the weather is a waste of time, even more so complaining about it, but I raise it as I have noticed how quickly I start fantasising about warmer weather. The exact same weather I started to moan about a bit end of Summer. Sheesh!!

I came across while looking through our archives for a project this beautiful photo of a trip we took years back in Nusa Lembongan, and found myself googling flights. It’s a good idea to stop in these moments and look at ‘what am I REALLY searching for? It’s never ‘being in Nusa Lembongan’ but the feelings that were experienced there. Long languid days. Exploring coral reefs with Marley. An ice cold beer in the sun after a day in the water with Arran. Which is in essence family time, relaxing and time to do nothing with my partner. When I take a look at life right now, with the tonne I have on, and the fact I have been receiving from being really ill, all of a sudden this sneaky need to escape makes sense. It is not because it’s raining for heaven’s sake!

I can manage these experiences without going all the way to a remote island, it just takes the tiniest bit of planning, to take some time out, to nourish and relax. The key thing is we are not ‘happier’ somewhere else, we are just ourselves somewhere else, feeling happy. The happiness is always available. And this I really know, if we delay the allowing ourselves to be happy until months away when we have a holiday, guess how cranky and unbearable we will be by the time we get there!

So this weekend I have put together some things that I hope inspire you. I want to thank people for their enthusiasm in getting in touch, asking to be included in our Weekend Editions. To be very transparent, everything we write about, post about, talk about – is simply because we like it or we believe in it. Arran and I are still pretty old school – we like to work hard, earn money, and then pay for the things we want without obligation. In today’s age, it seems weird I know, but it’s how we choose to operate in the world. Thank you for respecting and understanding this.


I really enjoyed this Ram Dass talk the other night driving home, I do forward past the first speaker to get to Ram Dass, usually 15 minutes in if you want to do the same and get to the juice. 

An album I listen to softly when cooking or writing HERE although when writing I mostly prefer absolute silence. Unless I am writing the Weekend Editions and then I crank something fun like THIS or THIS or THIS.


About future projecting HERE and future fatigue HERE

I love Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s writing, and her new book Japan I just picked up from Books Kinokuniya the other day, it’s waiting patiently for me to start. Check it out HERE.


I absolutely adore this dish, it’s rich but ever so satisfying. Make it HERE.


Carla is so clever, and her Beauty Chef range I was reminded of the other day at my friend’s house when inner beauty tastes delicious too, I am in. See the starter pack HERE.

What’s interesting is I would normally preface this with ‘one for the ladies’ but these days, I am pleased to say that these can be for anyone and be mostly socially accepted! See my fav colours HERE.


We had a trip to London and Portugal planned for this month, but we had to move it due to what felt like too many reasons. However, I am still yearning to take our little family there. If you are looking at Portugal, be sure to check out Gigi’s guide, she knows everything cool about travel, and especially Lisbon from living there. Read HERE.

This long weekend for me is filled with hosting teacher training, karate, fires in our backyard and long lunches with friends. I hope yours is filled with joy, creativity, and fulfilment.

Sent with love,

Jac x