Weekend Edition 9 – The Broad Place

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Weekend Edition 9

This Weekend Edition is going to be a touch shorter than the other ridiculously long ones, as I pen it early morning mid packing for a road trip up the East Coast with my daughter in a campervan. The endless shifting between work and personal life (which at times also feels like work let’s be honest) is one that I find particular grinds when a holiday is coming. All the thrill of the trip also creates a level of anxiety as everything before departure needs attending to. It doesn’t matter how hard I work or how organised I am, there seems to ALWAYS be so many last minute things and things forgotten. With this in mind, I try to relax as it has never been all perfect and complete before leaving. EVER! May as well have a sense of humour and go with the flow!


I delight in Georgia’s morning routine so much HERE and some other morning routines HERE and I always like it when people point out you don’t need to quit your day job to be creative – you absolutely don’t!

I have bought a few copies of this book to gift this week as I mentioned it so Manu times. It really is something special even if you don’t do martial arts. See HERE

I was so in awe of these HERE.


Given we are heading up the coast in a van, of course, van life stuff keeps popping up. Our van is nothing like this hahaha watch HERE I now, of course, want firewood storage so bad.

When pressure mounts to ‘gets lot’s done’ I tend to fall into the blame category, so I watch this to bring it all back to reality HERE


You know when you love a song desperately for a decade and then forget about it for years, then re-listen to again, and it’s like reuniting with a really old friend?? This song completely made my week HERE and I listened to it relentlessly.

Have an inspired weekend!

Sent with love,

Jac x