WEEKEND EDITION with Emily L’ami – Bodha Modern Wellness – The Broad Place

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WEEKEND EDITION with Emily L’ami – Bodha Modern Wellness

Bodha was created by one of our very loved friends Emily, and her partner in everything Fred. It’s the true creative culmination of the two of them, ever evolving and always moving forward. Bodha is the perfect representation of the two of them; it’s pristine in its aesthetics, creative to its core, is full of integrity, curiosity and thoughtfulness. And yes, I have a massive girl crush on Emily! We burn their incense religiously and the Calm Ritual Spray is a favourite in our home. I’ve asked her to share a few of her favourite things for this Weekend Edition, enjoy!

“I am Emily L’ami from Bodha, and moved from Sydney to L.A. four years ago and it’s really tuned me into the importance of creating moments of sanctuary in my day. I love everything sensory but especially smell. I’m fascinated by the power of scent to tap into our subconscious & the healing properties of natural aromatic ingredients”.


I read Gifts from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindberg over & over – I can pick it up at any page and feel instantly calmed and inspired by her musing on the shape of a woman’s life.


I often play different recordings of nature, which I know sounds kind of weird, but it turns out there’s a whole field of study on the medicinal use of nature sounds – also, it’s really nice if you don’t happen to live in nature! My favourite is the Environments album, a series of long-form analog recordings of nature from the 60s & 70s which is now available as an app.


One of the best things about living in L.A. is there is an amazing perfume school! They have teachers from all over the world coming to do classes on things from rose cultivation & distillation to the science of scent molecules. Twice a month a bunch of us get together to hang-out, share scent info & get some feedback on our latest perfume project.


Cooking at home is my favourite way to close out a day – the feeling of washing rice, the smell of fresh herbs, the sound of something frying in a pan, I love it all! This comforting Vege Noodle Soup from 101 cookbooks is a go-to in our house, made even better with homemade chicken stock.

If you want to peruse Emily’s beautiful items, you can do so in her webstore HERE and also they created a beautiful short film HERE that I think you’ll like.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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