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What If You Only Had 2 Hours

I was listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast as he was listing the ‘Impossible 17 Questions That Changed My Life’ and one in particular struck me ‘if you only had two hours a week to work on your business what would you do?’. He highlights that of course we have more, but if you had a gun to your head, and literally you could only do two hours, what would you do?

It got me thinking not just of what I would teach or create, but also if I only had two hours in my personal life for my own development and enjoyment a week, or two hours with Arran, with Marley and so on, what would I choose to do? It becomes pretty potent and obvious. Some of my answers were aligned with what I do now, some absolutely weren’t.

Ask yourself the same question for all the areas in your life, and see what it brings up.

Jac x

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