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What Is Vedic Rounding?

There is a secret weapon in many Vedic Meditators tool box and it is the art of Rounding. Rounding is a carefully crafted ancient Vedic practice designed to take your meditation to the next level. A specific sequence of gentle yoga asanas, pranayama breathing and meditation, Rounding is a wonderful practice that eliminates incredible amounts of stress, ensures a deep meditation and incredible levels of clarity. Rounding is considered to be one of the most purposeful ways in which to fast track accessing greater states of consciousness and to create your mental and physical health’s pure potential. I don’t know anyone who has learnt it and doesn’t value it immensely. It is also the advanced practice that we do on our much loved Rounding Retreats.

Rounding can be done absolutely anywhere once learned, and when practiced takes between 45-60 minutes as an all inclusive practice.

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I teach Rounding in a one on one 90 minute session, where the exact practice and philosophy is explored. I also workshop with you how to personalise Rounding to your needs and schedule. You simply wear comfortable gym or yoga clothes and enjoy a Dosha Balancing Tea for your mind/body type whilst listening to your initial instruction before we execute together the art of Rounding.

Rounding One on One Tuition Fee is $250 incl GST for 90 minutes. I teach Rounding at The Broad Place in Sydney, or when in Melbourne and whilst traveling in any city, including Hong Kong in March, Los Angeles in June and London in October. For more information or to book in a session please email us info@thebroadplace.com.au

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