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Why Meditate?

So why meditate? People learn this technique for a large range of personal reasons. Some want to be more creative and diverse in their thinking, others want to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety, some want to learn to simply live in the now and some people have health issues, both mental and physical. Others learn to meditate to assist with alleviating insomnia and other disorders, including an inability to concentrate. The one thing we all have in common is that we all want to be happier.

We want to allow the mind to move from the busy, frenetic, planning, scheming, projecting state of the mind, into the deeper, more blissful, clear, still parts of the mind.

The way in which we access these deeper, more blissful, creative parts of the mind is very simple and it’s what I will teach you. Put simply, we sit in a chair, and gently introduce a mantra – which is a sound – that is given to you based on your stage of life and your mind/body type. This is not a difficult technique. It is effortless, with the mind and body gently transcending the day to day stresses, to unlock the impurities of the deeper stresses within us. The practice involves a twice a day 20 minute investment, usually once in the morning and afternoon.

This technique is more than 5,000 years old and allows for an independent practice. No listening to anything, visualising anything, no straining to stop the busy mind of thoughts. It can be done anywhere; on a bus, train, in an office chair, on a lounge, sitting up in a bed. People from the age of 5 to 85 meditate with this technique and it’s as equally easy for everyone. I have heard so many people say ‘I can’t learn to meditate, I have too many thoughts and I can’t stop them’. With this technique I will teach you the meaning behind why we have thoughts, and why they are welcome in our practice.

One of the immediate benefits is that 20 minutes of meditation is the rest equivalent of 2-3 hours sleep. The benefits people report are they find that they have a clearer, more energetic, happier state of self. A stillness that they tap into in meditation seeps into their day to day living. Things that used to stress them out, no longer do. They operate from a creative, diverse and clear thinking state of mind, with a healthier body, and are ultimately happier.

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