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 Who we are as human beings extends far deeper than what we do at work, and when who we are BEING and what we are DOING are united, then truly transformative leadership takes place. The Broad Work Place is a business where employees are aligned together in their unique personal purpose and where creativity, resilience and innovation are increased. We specialise in fostering businesses that experience success through a culture of clarity, inspiration, and productivity. 

Workloads are not decreasing. The pressure to perform is not decreasing yet budgets and targets are increasing along with expectations and constant connectivity. 

We teach businesses and the people in them how to work at their optimal. We bring in practical tools to cope, and work on establishing creative processes and inspired thinking within a business. 

We are the stress saviours, teaching people how to get ahead of it all, before it even happens. We are the future proofing team that prevent a stressful mess from happening at all. 

Imagine a Broad Work Place where staff work cohesively, intelligently and creatively. Where staff independently monitor their stress levels and have the tools to cope in high pressure situations. Imagine a Broad Work Place where there is overall reduced stress leave and sick days. Where people are aware of their personal purpose and are embracing it, daily. This is what we create with you. 

We host Talks, Workshops and Immersions to enhance creativity, gain clarity and expand personal innovation within teams and individuals. We also teach meditation to boost productivity, reduce stress, and increase inner calm and fulfilment daily. 

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