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Workplace Programs

Who we are as human beings extends far deeper than what we do at work. Working holistically with neuroscience, creative thinking and human potential, The Broad Place co-create authentic leaders with individuals and companies. 

Our mission is to help people unite who they are as a human BEING with what they are as a human DOING. When self understanding unites with diverse thinking and creativity, and a more conscious way of being in the word is undertaken, truly trans-formative leadership takes place. We specialise in fostering businesses that experience success through a culture of clarity, inspiration, and modern productivity. 

We do not believe in happy-clappy, airy fairy nonsense. Self development is uncomfortable at times and sugar coating it is nauseating. We do the real life, deeply authentic work that results in long lasting transformational change. We know a sense of humor and wit can make this a much more engaging experience, and we thrive on this. We are non traditional and taking the piss at times is the best way to cut through the BS that this kind of work traditionally involves. Serious work does not mean we need to be serious at all times. 

If your team is faint hearted, rigid, intensely serious and hate change, we are not for you. If your team are thirsty for upgrading themselves and their lives, are somewhat open, dynamic and ready to jump into the kind of work that will make them better people at not just their work but in their lives, we would love to chat further.

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