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You The Scriptwriter

I have so many conversations about things falling apart, and yesterday’s letter sparked some of those. I think when we are made redundant in our job, have to close our company, our partner leaves us, our kids don’t speak to us for a bit, we have a horrendous fight with a dear friend and more, it’s all we can do to just hang on.

We may not choose our circumstances but we do choose our role within them. We do get to get very real with ourselves, and to work out with a clear mind and not a panicked one what’s really going on for us.

What signs did we ignore? What role does this play? Where can we be accountable?

Getting out of the drama and into the learning AND out of it on the other end, is vital to a high grade life. We can choose to have a meltdown, spiral into a process of angst and chewing over our hurt with every person that will listen. Or we can pick ourselves up and choose how this story ends.

Sent with love,

Jac x 

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