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The Broad Place Lands in London!

Hosting A FREE Introductory Talk and A Course in Meditation! 

Expanded instead of contracted? Broad instead of narrow? Driven by acceptance rather than expectation? How do we make these shifts? By directing the mind into its natural state, and layering in tools to reduce stress, tension and fatigue. 

Are you interested in a daily mediation practice to cleanse you mind, detox stress and increase creative thinking, clarity and expand your consciousness? Something you can do for 10-20minutes to completely shift your days, your concept of time, your ideas of the world and what it means to live within it? 

Broad Place Mediation is a simple but highly effective technique that gives enormous benefits. Grounded in Vedic meditation (a mantra based and scientifically proven technique that provides enormous benefits to body and mind). The Broad Place have developed this remarkable technique to layer in neuroscience, various Eastern philosophies and tools to further expand Vedic Mediation. Broad Mind Meditation is the embodiment of Ancient Knowledge For Modern Living. 

So why mediate? People learn this technique to be more creative and diverse in their thinking. Others want to reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety. Some learn to simply live in the now, while others have mental or physical health issues that need addressing. Many people wish to expand their consciousness and spirituality thorough meditation. The one thing we are all looking for though it to increase happiness and fulfilment. 

If you're a  seeking a technique with minimal input and maximum output - Broad Place Meditation is for you. A Mediation practice that can be done anywhere. No tricky positions, no chanting, no dogma, no Gurus and no BS. Simply a daily practice steeped in ancient tradition designed for engaged minds in a modern world. 


If you're interested to learn more before committing to the course, we are hosting a FREE Introductory Talk on this technique of meditation for clarity and creativity. Come along to hear Jac talk more on the course details and to ask any questions you may have. 


Tuesday 20th June - 7.30pm - 8.30pm 

Private Residence in Notting Hill, address will be sent in confirmation letter. 


Follow the 'Book Now' button to email us with your details. 



Taught by Jacqui Lewis, these meditation courses will be hosted in London. Students will be engaged in a casual yet dynamic and fun way to learn this practice and begin making pivotal shifts towards more connection to self, expanded awareness and increase fulfilment in their lives.

Over three sessions, Jac will teach you how to meditate successfully and workshop ways in which you can create a sustainable and personal practice with tools to help develop and continue in daily life. 


Notting Hill, London (address will be in confirmation letter)


Three sessions over three days 

Wednesday 21st June - 7.30pm - 9pm

Thursday 22nd June - 7pm - 9.30pm

Friday 23rd June - 7pm - 9.30pm

We will also have a course in July, East London, detail to be confirmed, please email for more information. 


This includes 

  • The technique of how to meditate taught over the course so you can practice independently ongoing.
  • Ongoing support for your practice. We hold weekly mediation and knowledge meetings which are recorded and loaded to the student only section of the website. As well as newsletters, articles and special offers on online content for our students. 
  • Ongoing education and lectures available to you through our private 'student only' online portal.
  • The ability to resit the course with The Broad Place at any time, for life. On request you can resit the course by connecting with us live online or anytime we teach in your area. 

Single Adult - £700 

Couples/Friends - 10% discount 

Reductions available upon request for those in need.


Follow the 'Book Now' button to email us with your details and what you would like to enrol for, the meditation course AND/OR the FREE Introductory Talk.