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Online Courses

  • 10 Days
    • Mindfit - 249.00AUD


    LESSONS x8

    Mindfit Meditation is a simple, no-nonsense course to kickstart your mantra based meditation journey.

  • Total time 6 hrs 1200AUD

    Integrated Meditation

    The Integrated meditation course offers you a meditation practice that can engage and inspire for a lifetime.

  • Retreat

    Retreats for 2022 being listed soon. The Broad Place run immersive urban, regional and global Retreats to provide tools for greater clarity, creativity and consciousness!

  • Private Mentoring

    Are you looking for one on one sessions to help you gain insight and increase clarity? The Broad Place mentoring maybe perfect for you!

  • 6 Weeks
    • Mind, Heart, and Soul Bootcamp - 345.00AUD

    Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp

    LESSONS x6

    The Mind, Heart and Soul Bootcamp is a 6 week course infused with philosophy, wisdom and practical tools to expand your higher self and reconnect your mind with heart and soul.

  • 60 minutes
    • Rounding Video Tuition - 45.00AUD

    Rounding Tuition

    LESSONS x3

    A yoga and breath work sequence to help unravel stress and tension in your mind and body.

  • Iam Vault

    For The Broad Place Student who has sat the In-Person Integrated Meditation course.

  • 7 Days
    • Be Your Best Self - 45.00AUD

    The Be Your Best Self Program

    LESSONS x7

    Be Your Best Self helps restore emotional balance and find harmony within your busy mind.