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Signposts Back Home


Welcome, my name is Jacqui Lewis and I’m the founder of The Broad Place. Mutribo and I met in the early times of the pandemic. I’d heard about this gathering he was hosting a group of his friends heading each morning to his little cabin in the hills near to me, for 90 min meditation sits 5 days a week, no teaching or technique, just sitting and a short talk by Mutribo at the end. 

I knew I had to be a part of it, basically bulldozed my way in and then started heading up there to this little cabin to ask Mutribo questions on consciousness, life, the path of the heart, lineages and traditions. I’ve been studying meditation and eastern traditions 25 years, alongside neuroscience and psychology. I’ve had multitudes and excellent and poor teachers. What I really needed was a friend, who I could question excessively and discover with, and I found it with Mutribo. His own spiritual journey expanding over decades upon decades, His 30 odd years living in India, had created a resonance in him I rarely see. A true understanding of non dualism, paired with a deep compassion, a patience, without any hierarchy, ego, need to be seen like so many teachers – and he doesn’t consider himself a teacher, more of a sharer. 

After countless hours of my sitting with him over the years in conversation, we noted the difference as he is in his 70’s and now living mostly monastically, and I’m in my 40’s a mother, teaching, managing businesses, attending to regular attending to day to day modern life, that so many parallels were present. That truth sits there for both of us regardless of our roles. 

So we decided to start recording some of these chats, in an attempt to bridge the gap of perception that spiritual society often seems to hold – that you need to live in a cave, or appear ‘spiritual’ in order to live a life aligned to the truth of consciousness. 

We hope to dismantle that, and provide pointers, signposts back home to within yourself.

These talks are available within our Portal Membership and we have included a sample below:



The first in the conversation series, Mutribo and Jac discuss the Big Self and the small self, the truth of CONSCIOUSNESS and working with our own cosmic map and destiny, the path of the spiritual seeker.


Mutribo and Jac discuss Advaita ‘non-doership’, dealing with sincere challenges in our life, why the ego kicks back so hard against the idea of non duality, and the space of trust inside ourselves, as well as how we can get more comfortable with exactly where we are at in this moment, and from the broader perspective there are no mistakes.


Join Jac and Mutribo in a conversation about meditation, our human suffering, the orientation inside of ourselves and the truth of non doership and coming home to ourselves.

These Conversations, starting with and completing with 15 minutes of meditation are designed to be a part of your own personal spiritual exploration. If you would like to access these calls paced out at 3-4 each month, after the first three Conversations these will now be available as part of The Broad Place’s PORTAL MEMBERSHIP.


We have a limited amount of copies remaining for the book Signposts Back Home which are the transcriptions of talks by Mutribo in a beautiful book available as a printed copy or PDF.


We have a truly stunning Retreat this July spanning 10 days for a silent meditation retreat. This tightly facilitated process will allow you to drop into your higher self and nurture and nourish body and mind. Mutribo will be leading daily talks, Cade McConnell will be preparing all the meals, and there will be spaciousness for nature walks, cold plunges in the pool and quiet immersions in the infrared sauna.

Read more and book your place here.