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Recommended Reading

I read ferociously and adore knowledge in all it’s forms. The Vedic view on knowledge is that it has many flavours and there is no ‘direct path’. So here is […]

L E T T E R from Jac – Suffering Is Optional

I do love this quote by Murakami. A man who also wakes at 4.30am every day and writes furiously until midday then runs and swims and takes the rest of […]

WEEKEND EDITION with Amanda Talbot

Amanda is a dear friend of ours, and we have not only worked together, (you might remember Hiro her little tan sausage dog from our Paddington Studio), but travelled and […]

W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 21

Photo from our India Retreat in Rishikesh Oh my lord is it excellent to be home! So emotional! So wonderful! So many delicious meals created and eaten in our kitchen. […]

The Crap, The Cull, The Cleanse

When it comes to evolution, we can go kicking and screaming, or gracefully flow with it. I’ve done a lot of kicking and screaming in my time, so it’s been […]

Weekly Reads Issue 4

Definitely trying this chamomile pannacotta with lemon poppy olive oil shortbread from here This looks like it would be a lovely place to sit and meditate here I do love […]

Weekly Reads Edition 3

A few more inspiring articles and visuals for the week ahead…I hope you enjoy A very interesting read on a Better Way To Feel About Your Body by Deepak Chopra […]

Weekly Reads Edition 2

Stefan Sagermeister makes a compelling case for a year’s sabbatical in his TED Talk here  These Asparagus and Corn Cakes look delicious as does this Chocolate Hazelnut Torte with Salty […]

Weekly Reads Edition 1

Welcome to our very first Weekly Reads! This is simply a post that will happen weekly, filled with luscious links and things we find interesting. It will serve as a […]