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    L E T T E R – Real Power

    Being a recovering control freak and perfectionist, OCD, a Virgo and aaaall the other labels I could apply to my […]

    Rising Early

    The image above is from a morning sunrise we watched in Coalcliff yesterday. Waking up early, in the darkness of […]

    Sago Payasam

    This is the most delicious dish that my friend Mish taught me to cook. Payasam is originally from Southern India […]

    Spiced Ginger Afternoon Cake

    This cake is warming, grounding and perfect in the afternoon with a cup of Dosha Balancing Vata Tea. I adapted […]

    Asia Tour – Hong Kong May 2015

    We are proud to have The Broad Place traveling to Hong Kong Thursday May 28th – Sunday May 31st, then […]

    An Afternoon of Ayurveda

    This Sunday 26th April 2015, join Jac Lewis from The Broad Place and Ayurvedic Practitioner Dylan Smith of Vital Veda […]

    The Art of Travel

    We travel a lot, and we love it. For me traveling is an extension of the exploration of the self, […]

    High Grade Eating

    As our thinking affects the body, in particular our digestion, what and how we think is the primary focus with […]


    We are holding a one off half day shop here at The Broad Place studio!! Sunday 23rd November, from 12pm […]

    The Power Of Taking Time Off

    We love this Ted Talk by Stefan Sagmeister, for many reasons. The guy is a design genius so Arran and […]

    A Short Course In Rounding

    If you are a Vedic Meditator and haven’t yet learnt the ancient art of Rounding, now is your opportunity. Rounding […]

    Living A Sattvic Life

    Last night we had our very first Advanced Meditation Meeting, an evening filled with a group meditation, Vedic philosophy and […]

    Ayurvedic Cleansing Kitchari Recipe

    Kitchari is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe that is nourishing, cleansing and grounding. It’s everything you could want in a single […]

    Advanced Meditation Meeting

    Community is close to our hearts, and The Broad Place are building, creating and contributing to an inspiring collective of […]

    May Stress Release Retreat – Killcare

    We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. We have families, friends, careers and more demands are being placed upon […]

    A Morning Routine

    A Morning Routine is a vital step in setting yourself up for success for the day. I have found it […]

    Balancing Your Dosha’s

    If you are feeling cloudy and a little overwhelmed with all the wellbeing, health and diet advice out there currently, […]

    Oil Pulling

      I like to experiment with things from time to time, explore the ways in which I can be healthier, […]