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    L E T T E R – Zen Walking

    Kin Hin is a very beautiful practice of walking with presence, sometimes called Zen Walking. I remember still when first […]

    L E T T E R – Anxiety

    I have one rule for our meditation students and that is that they never apologise for not meditating.   Being […]

    L E T T E R – The Journey

    Sometimes the most frequently referenced quotes and lines that are by now cheesy, are the most true, such as the […]

    L E T T E R – Inside Out

    It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To […]

    L E T T E R – Perfecting The Fundamentals

    Continuing on from yesterday’s letter, I wanted to talk further about commitment. I study karate and it’s mind-blowingly frustrating because […]

    Meditation Or Meditative?

    Lately I’ve found there is so much confusion around what meditation is, what makes it different to some other relaxation […]

    Meeting Yourself

    Rumi passed away 700 years ago and is still the best selling poet in America. His ecstasy filled complications of […]

    Down That Chute

    I love Tina Fey, and I love this quote. Overthinking jams up the whole system. We just have to get […]

    Are You Brave Enough To Audit

    High Grade Living is about living the best life we can, with the tools and knowledge to grant us access […]

    Combatting Overwhelm

    This time of year is supposed to be all about fresh starts, and new beginnings and a ‘wealth of opportunity’ […]

    A Daily Commitment

    As we begin to dive into into 2018, I wanted to share a mantra, a daily commitment to move beyond […]

    The Need To Disconnect To Connect

    It’s the time of year when I am at my most engaged. We have all our meditation courses before the […]

    The Medicine For Modern Living

    Seth Godin popped into my inbox with “Are there places do you feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually […]