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L E T T E R from Jac – Inner Stillness

I think we all know we’re probably pushing it a little hard. We all have past experience with burnout, having lit ourselves alight for others needs, our work, our expectations, others expectations. That smouldering […]

L E T T E R – Tuesday Tips; Taking Time To Retreat

Easter is this weekend, and I’m personally taking time out to heal and nourish myself. My dear friend and fellow teacher Claire is kindly letting me stay at her place Thursday […]

L E T T E R from Jac – A Giant Update

Morning everyone! As a new chapter opens for The Broad Place I wanted to take the time to put the important things into one cohesive note for you! Our mission […]

L E T T E R – The Chasing of Perfection

When Emily or I teach Integrated Meditation, we both drill into our students to not chase perfection. You will never have a perfect meditation practice. Nor will you be a […]

L E T T E R – The Material World

A student messaged me last week saying she felt disgusted with herself and angry, as she still longed to buy beautiful clothes and have beautiful things. I popped it up […]

L E T T E R – What Spirituality Means Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote in the Letter about re-framing spirituality and you can read it HERE. It’s a big topic and one that two Letters won’t do justice to but I […]

L E T T E R – What Spirituality Means Part 1

There is so much confusion when we decide to live ‘spiritually’. It’s really a nonsense idea because everyone is trying to live spiritually whether they brand it that or not. […]

L E T T E R – Real Power

Being a recovering control freak and perfectionist, OCD, a Virgo and aaaall the other labels I could apply to my habit of wanting to tightly reign in outside events. I […]

L E T T E R – Building Stillness and Acceptance

In the Vedic view, there are three things present at all times. Creation, maintenance and destruction. The Vedic view of destruction is removing something which is no longer relevant. And […]

L E T T E R ­ – Self Acceptance

This Letter today stems from the Letter I wrote to you a few days back, What Might You Be If You Just Let Go. The inside-out philosophy is that what’s […]

L E T T E R – Expanding Curiosity

I couldn’t agree more that curiosity in all aspects of life is needed for creativity and flow. Arran told me about a friend of ours that shared a story with […]

A Bumper Issue of Goodness

We have returned from India, the place of chaos and calm, inspired, refreshed and thrilled to be home. I can’t really put into words the joy of seeing a group […]

Free From The Known – The Truth Of Things

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation” Krishnamurti We are currently in luscious Kerala, and I’m leading […]

At Home Weekend Retreat

It’s not a frequent enough occurrence that we have the time to take ourselves away from the world, to revive and nourish and shed off the stresses of modern day […]

November Rounding Retreat – Culburra Beach

Upgrade Your Life over 4 days and 3 nights this November Thurs 10th – Sun 13th November 2016 Culburra Beach – 2.5 hours drive from Sydney Join The Broad Place at our […]

The Broad Place Travels India – Part Two

To celebrate our upcoming announcement of our The Broad Place Retreat in India, here are some more images I took from my last trip a month or so ago…

The Broad Place Retreat – Ubud, Indonesia

‘Yoga stah, kuru karmani’  ‘Established in Being, perform action’ (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, verse 48) This is a powerful line from the Vedic teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. It explains […]

The Broad Place Weekend Immersive Retreats

Thurs 12th – Sun 15th November 2015  (Gerroa, beachfront, 2 hours drive from Sydney) We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. We have families, friends, careers and more demands […]

May Stress Release Retreat – Killcare

We’re all leading incredibly busy lives these days. We have families, friends, careers and more demands are being placed upon us than ever before. Did you know that we now […]